Shimmy Shimmy Shake Shake

kirkdebwed 048I don’t know what is going on with me, but my whole body is in potsy tremor mode.  I feel like I haven’t ate in days, when I literally just ate a huge plate of spaghetti and two pieces of cake.  I just keep shaking like mad.

This past weekend was my oldest brother Kirk’s wedding 🙂  They had the wedding outside at a friends place, and the reception at a hall in town.  My sister wasn’t able to go from being sick, and my aunt Joan couldn’t either from being sick too.  I had a cute purple skirt that I was going to wear, but it ended up being so damn uncomfortable and tight, that I changed at the last minute, to a sun dress, with my dress shirt on over top lol.  I couldn’t even wear my matching black sandals bc they have a heel and my knee is wrecked, so I was wearing brown shoes with a black and white outfit LOL.

kirkdebwed 009The wedding’s colors were all purple, which of course I love.  I got a ton of photos and videos, and got to see my oldest niece Jess, her son Jase, and my oldest nephew Travis.  My sweeties 🙂

I am definitely paying for it since.  We weren’t there late, but we gave my uncle a ride home, and came in to see my aunt Joan, then had to drive all the way back to Belleville.  I can barely stay awake since!

kirkdebwed 018Tomorrow, my counsellor is coming in the morning with the peer support woman who will help me get around town to get my groceries, and other errands I need to do.  Then Wed. morning, I have Pat, the Personal Support Worker, who comes when Lilian is off work.  I also have to get my groceries and Zeus’ food, and pick up some pictures at Walmart, and grab the gift I ordered my mom for Christmas.  AFTER all that, I am hoping to be well enough to get out to Nicole’s on the weekend to visit her before my elimination diet starts.

kirkdebwed 055I am trying to find an adult Pug to adopt.  I want to be able to test them out with Zeus first to see if they get along first before I adopt them, but finding a damn dog near me, is impossible!  And Pugs seem to be swiped up really quick so it’s hard to get to them in time as well.  We shall see what happens.

Alright, going to finish Anderson and attempt a nap.



PS I also got to visit with my friend Theone and he little baby Aria again too 🙂


aria 013


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