Peer Support Glee

jacefamtreeI got to meet Holly on Tuesday.  She is going to be taking me out every Friday morning for any errands I need done.  Thankfully she is starting with me tomorrow bc I need groceries!   I’m hoping to only do some grocery shopping, and split it up to every couple weeks so it doesn’t completely drain me out for the day.

I was thinking of doing fostering with a small dog rescue group.  The dog’s come from the states, usually California.  Any food, vet bills, etc. is all paid for.  Then if they did well, and I wanted, I could adopt the dog, but I decided against it.  It seems like such a great group of people to work with, and even had one lady come to my home to make sure my home would be a safe place, but there were some down falls for me.  To adopt, it’s $400… not an easy amount of money to come up with when on disability, especially when I could adopt a dog at the OSPCA for around $2-250.  You also don’t know until the day of which dog you are getting.  Obviously they look into setting you up with a dog that meets your needs and wants and their’s as well, but I like to spend time with an animal before all of a sudden they are mine.. especially if I am looking to adopt in the end.  Also, I’ve wanted a Pug for so long, that would be throwing that hope out the window.  Plus I was worried with my depression, and it happening all so quickly, that I was just making a big decision in a really short amount of time, which could be my depression doing that.

aria 008So I had decided to wait it out for a pug.  I had to know they were good with cats bc Zeus is my first love, and my main priority at this point.  I don’t want to get a dog and have Zeus be stressed or any less happy than he is now.  He’s been the only pet for a long time.  I also want the dog to be house trained.  My dear landlord just redid the whole apartment bc of the people who lived here before and ruined the place with all the pets they had in here.  Plus I don’t want to have to be training a dog in that respect!

flow 005I have applied to a bunch of rescues that work with flat faced dogs, or pugs only, contacted animal shelters all over to see if they would contact me when one came in, and went online looking for people trying to rehome their adult pugs.  I am being very careful that way, since a friend got a great dog named Angel, who ended up with really expensive vet bills bc she was sick, and they never told her before she took her in.

I have found a great 2 year old, male, black pug who I am hoping to meet this weekend at some point.  Hopefully Sunday, bc I have plans with Nicole on Saturday.  And see if he and I hit it off.  The woman is willing to drive to Trenton to meet me with him.  I am just waiting to hear back from her.  So who knows?  Maybe next time I write the little guy, or another will already be here!

aria 021There’s this girl I’ve been wanting to rant about…  I don’t know her, she’s just a girl around my age in the area, who since last Summer, catches the bus with her little baby across from my house.  I saw her once last year on a cool day with the baby in just a diaper, and the sky was so dark it was obvious it was going to rain.  A woman stopped in her car, and gave a blanket to her for the baby, and an umbrella.  I am a huge advocate for kids and animals, so this really bothered me to see, but lately every time the mom sees me, she gives me this look like I make her want to puke!  LOL.  Now I don’t care what people think of me, let alone people I don’t know, but now she is working at the Tim Horton’s by my mom’s and she was in the drive through window and gave me that look again!  The funny part is, I don’t know if this is me she does this to, or if it’s just her face!  So any time I see her out and about with the baby, and or with her hubby, I always try to watch her to see if she has the same face all the time or what…  either way, at least I’m not a bad mom!

Speaking of mom’s, my mom’s Christmas present is in!!!  I’m SO excited about it, and see how it looks 🙂  I also ordered some photos from Walmart to do my mini family tree magnet thing (will post a photo when done, so you all can see what I mean) so I need to get up there to grab those too.  Just a fun, silly little project to do 🙂

Will write next week after I get to see Nicole, etc. and the Pug 🙂



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