So I’ve Been Out

nick&meLike the title says, I’ve been out and not writing.  Laziness is the culprit.  I have things to write, but just hadn’t felt like it until now lol.

I got to go out to my friend Nicole’s last weekend.  We played around in the garden, cuddled with her pets, saw tons of photos and videos, and watched part of a movie.  It was nice, relaxing, and needed!  I just hate how my body craps out on me before I am ready!  Truly thankful for those few understanding, non judging friends!

I got my mom’s Christmas present, and it turned out perfect 🙂  Cannot wait to give it to her!  My aunt Kelly was done, but I found something fun to add to it, and it should be coming in by my mail tracking, probably tomorrow morning!

Last Friday I met for the first time with Holly, the Peer Support Worker.  She took me out to get groceries.  I am trying to split it up throughout the month so that I am not putting myself through hell to get a months worth of groceries in one shot.  Tomorrow is the second time I meet up with her.  I need to get Zeus his food at the vets, and I am thinking either the farmer’s market, which I don’t really need to do bc I have a whack load of fruits and veggies here that need to be eaten up, or to… to… what’s it called?  Damn brain fog… The Bulk Barn.  I want to look to see about getting more stuff for that big diet for my crohn’s disease.  Like Brazil nuts, and some gluetin free stuff… bread hopefully.

zoo 091It’s hard to find normal foods like that here!  I found Almond Butter, and I found a nice little crunchy snack that would go well possibly in my yoghurt and some gluetin free pasta, but not bread yet.  And some coconut milk I am going to try once this bag of milk is done.  My crohn’s has not been good as of late flip flopping back and forth what it does and doesn’t want me to eat, so this diet is probably a good thing and a good time to do it!  I go to see my GI specialist near the end of the month and will see what he thinks.

I also go to the Neuro next week.  Normally my Social Service Worker Susan takes me, but I am having my mom and Grams, so my mom can finally meet this man.  I think it’s important she meets the people who are saving my life!

So I keep going back and forth on this dog thing.  I now have become stubborn in the sense I will only get an adult pug that is house trained and good with my Zeus babes, but that will take until at least after Christmas, bc I want to put some money aside in case of any pet illnesses popping up.  I was thinking if I find the right fit, of fostering a small dog in the mean while.  Everything down to the food is paid for, and I still get all the benefits of helping an animal in need.  So I applied to a bunch of different places to see what there is to offer.

I’ve joined a lot of pet/animal related groups on Facebook recently, and one I think the world of  Which is People Against the Sale of Household Pets on Kijiji and Craigs List.  There is a petition right now, trying stop the over growing number of animals looking for homes, and trying to get some great animals forever homes.  Please click this link  and read what it says.  If it’s something you agree with too, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION.  We need to get the word out there!

Now I must get back to MY pet, and dump his litter for taking out to the garbage tomorrow!

Take Care!



One thought on “So I’ve Been Out

  1. ashley, i had NO idea you were battling crohns disease. all i can suggest is that you follow thr instructions given to you by your sw. increasingly the groceries like METRO, and PC SUPERSTORE are carrying gluten free foodstuffs and BULK BARN is an excellent source of natural products.


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