Doggies and Relapses

100_0043This has been quite the Summer so far.  Normally I don’t do much during the Summer time, except lay in a ball on the couch and sweat to death.  Looking back at this Summer, I’ve not done a lot compared to a regular healthy person, but I still kicked some major ass and had a good time doing it!

We lost both my sister’s cats.  First Jasper, then Jupiter.  Even the vet said it seemed as though the stroke happened so soon after Jasper’s passing, that it was because of missing him.  Died of a broken heart.  It seems awful, that the two original boys of the family (animal wise) are now gone.  Now Zeus, who used to be one of the babies is the oldest at 11 years.  I am so thankful for my soul kitty bc he’s been with me through SO much.  He wakes me up to kisses and cuddles, and thinks I’m the greatest thing since catnip.

100_0033My oldest brother Kirk got remarried.  The fact I was even able to go to the wedding is amazing in and of itself!  Mind you I crashed and burned hard afterwards, I was so happy I got to be there to celebrate with him and Deb.  I also got some great photos of my handsome nephews and my oldest niece Jess.

Speaking of Jess, she had her first baby, making me a Great Aunt!  I am so proud of her, and know for a fact she will be an amazing mom… already is!   He is too adorable and melts my heart every time I get to see him, which isn’t nearly enough!

I had found a wonderful dog to foster, Saffron, but unfortunately that fell through.  She will make a wonderful pet for someone and am excited to still stick with the organization and get to foster soon in the future.  I go to the GI this Wednesday to find out what is going on with my Crohn’s Disease, and get any necessary tests, med. changes, etc. under way, and as soon as I know I am in the clear, I will be wanting to foster again asap!!!

100_0034My Neurologist appointment went well last Friday!  I met with Dr. Taylor in the Hotel Dieu where they are moved to, so I got lost trying to figure out how to get there! lol.  He finally got to meet my mom and she could definitely see why I like him so much, and want to keep going to Kingston to see him.  I got the all clear on the POTS front, and my vitals are still good.  He agreed with me and said the humidity of the Summer makes everyone sort of have a set back bc it’s hard on healthy people, let alone potsys.  He also said with my Crohn’s getting worse again so soon, that it might make my pots act up, but that, that’s normal and not to worry of a relapse happening.  Last time I had a hard time with my Crohn’s, I actually found my pots was better, but either way I figure it makes sense.

Amanda, Nick, Grams and I went to the PetSmart Adoptathon here in Belleville.  I have to be honest, this branch didn’t do too much for it at all.  They had no idea what I was talking about, when I heard you could buy a toy for one of the shelter pets to help out if you couldn’t adopt, but they has no problem with it either.  So I got two little Halloween squeaky toys.  A bat, and a pumpkin/witch/owl thing lol.  They had cute kittens, and only four puppies there.  Gorgeous dogs though, and I’m glad I went.

We all went down to the park near my place afterwards, and had a picnic and Nick got to play in the play area for a bit before we left.  I was having a hard time eating anything, so I didn’t get to play much, and forgot my camera!  I had a fun time though 🙂  Nice being outside!

A lot more happened, like me getting a Peer Support Worker that helps me do my errands, etc.  My Grams and aunt Kelly went to Ireland to bury part of my Gramps ashes, bc he is from there, planted my first try at veggies.  Basil, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes big and small, but for now I have to scoot bc my Grams is on her way here.  Will write more next week after my GI appointment!

Take Care!



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