No Photo Post Friday

I have not taken ANY photos this week.  The thought never entered my mind, and I have plenty of things to be taking pictures of!

Wednesday, my Social Service Worker Susan, took me to the G I.  He agreed with me, there was no way I am not having a relapse, and regardless the Imuran I’ve been on is no longer working.  I told him about my sister getting Lupus after going on Humira, and apparently that is only a 1% chance for that to happen!  My poor sis of course with all her messed up allergies and sensitivities to EVERYthing off and on most of her life, it’s terrible, but I suppose not all that surprising.  Thankfully though, even if it is common for siblings to both get crohn’s disease, it is not the same when it comes to us sharing responses to medicine, etc.  That makes me feel better about it all, and moving up a class.

So I am going to be starting Remicade.  You go to an infusion centre and spend like 6 hours getting this stuff put into you once a month.  Very boring, but more than doable.  I can get it done here in Belleville too which will be so much better than having to drive all the way to Kingston and back too!

Because it is funded by the government, bc it is so damn expensive – $25000 a year!  You have to go through the ropes and rules to prove you need this covered.  I’ve been on Imuran for 11 years off and on, so I don’t have to do that part, but they want you to prove that you can go on Prednisone and still relapse once you are weaned off of it.  If you don’t, then they would rather you get steroids every couple of years to just build yourself back up.  So I am on 50 mg of Prednisone… usually on get put on 40mg.  I stay at 50 for the first two weeks taking a 50 mg tablet, then I go down 5 mg every week until it is done… which after I drop from 50 mg, I will be taking 9 little pills, etc. down to none.  I am used to taking medication, but if you have ever had a really gross aspirin… it’s like that, but a million times worse LOL.  It tastes terrible, and ruins your taste for the time you’re on it.  On the 50 mg pill I’m not noticing it enough to be a hindrance, but when I go to taking a bunch of the little ones, prepare to hear my freak out about being so thirsty bc I cannot stand the taste of water… which is weirdly my favourite drink normally.

So because of this and me already showing crazy like coo coo symptoms and feeling junky from it, I did not do the fostering with Saffron after all.  It’s one thing to find a dog and have them stay with you, but if they’re staying with you to work on issues, I cannot be any good for that extra time right now.  I still want to do it in the future, but when that will be… who knows at this point.

I go back to the G I near the end of November, and by then I will be almost done and should be relapsing off the Prednsione (I damn well better be lol) and have had my Tuberculosis test done, which is another requirement.  Then we can get on to applying for the Remicade.  I don’t know how long it will take, and can’t remember with Amanda bc that was so long ago, but hopefully before Christmas I will have it in me.  I think they are keeping me on the Imuran too, bc he said a combination therapy of the two types, makes you 40% more of a chance to NOT have a relapse.  Raising it from 20%  that I’m at now… to 60%.  Make sense?  A lot of numbers thrown there lol.

So I got to Peko too!  Which was a LOT of fun.  I played fetch with her the entire time she was here lol.  Zeus stayed in the living room the whole time too which blew my mind, and Peko even jumped over him twice to get on the couch, and Zeus didn’t flinch once.  But he kept doing that squint one eye thing he does, when he wants the attention back to him lol.  I spoke with Peko’s org. and foster mom and she’s going to stay with us for a week to see if I can handle the ins and outs of having a dog.  I know I want to, but physical problems are making me worry if I can, so this will be good.  She likes to sleep in a crate too (left open) at night, so me and Zeus can still have our nightly cuddles before sleep.

I had my Peer Support Worker come this morning so I could get some comfort food like soup, etc. and while I was in the grocery store she left to go to the car.  I didn’t think anything of it bc she seemed fine, but when I came out to meet her, she was sicker than a dog!  I ran back in and got her water, but omg I felt so bad for her… and my immune system LOL.  I offered to get her a cold cloth, etc. at my house, but she lives near by, so was just going to go home, so I ran and thoroughly washed my hands hoping to God I don’t catch it lol.  Terrible I know, but a cold is one thing, and flu is right out AWFUL.

I went to my mom’s yesterday right after Peko went home, and I totally forgot bc I was in a rush to bring my damn laundry, and never got it done!  I was still wearing jeans when I got to her house (I never wear pants unless absolutely necessary lol) so I ran upstairs and stole a pair of pj bottoms to wear for the day.

Alright, into watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix… I don’t get it, bc my attention span is that of a two year old right now, but I still like it too lol.  Going to go watch some more.. OH And this is the last Sunday Dexter will be on *tear*  What am I going to do with myself without Michael C Hall???  Just isn’t right…

Take Care.



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