TB Wed.

It’s been less than a week on Prednisone.  My Neurologist was weirdly right.  I was expecting it to help my Dysautonomia, and instead it has made me feel like I am going through a relapse with it as well.  I am having a hard time with nausea and weakness making it impossible to do pretty much anything.  It’s like forcing myself to have the flu each morning when I take that damn pill.  I will be okay though.  Nothing to worry about, just very frustrating to put myself through for the sake of TRYING to get better.  This better be worth it!  

ImageZeus has been my ever loving little man.  Cuddling up close as we speak, sleeping up tight with me all day and night long not leaving my side.  If I get up to take a shower, he sits right outside the tub waiting for me lol.  My mom even came over the other night for dinner and for me to wash up bc I was feeling too weak to do it by myself.  

Today I go to my family doctor, and get my Tuberculosis test done.  They don’t think I have it, it’s just one of the steps to me being approved to go on Remicade and get it funded.  

A long time ago, my mom bought me a huge rug hooking kit from Value Village, but the canvas was missing, and we were having a time of it, trying to find a place that sold the canvas separately.  My dad had even been looking in the States whenever they went over!  I finally found a place online that sells it to the size you need, or basically, and I got it in the mail yesterday 🙂  So once I go down enough on the med.s to stop shaking, I will have something fun to work on 🙂  

Watching the movie Speed right now.  I loved this movie when it came out, and it’s still good!  And damn is Keanu Reeves hot! hehe.  I got woken up early when Zeus decided climbing on my neck and licking my hair was a good plan… apparently it was bc now I’m up!  

Take Care!


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