Girl Who Needs A Plan

projects 007I need to have something to always be working on.  I feel my best when I have goals set to achieve.  I like little goals, like my weekly to do lists with the chores and dates to remember, longer term goals, like a knitting project, and the long long term goals, like getting my license, etc.  I always feel lost and depressed when my plans get screwed up.  I love change, don’t get me wrong, and I like going with the flow, but some things I like to feel like I have power over.

projects 010My family doctor upped my Lansaprozole for my stomach and it’s made  HUGE difference with the nausea.  At first I thought she was going to do that, and give me an antinausea medication, but this seems to be doing the job.  I can handle weakness, and getting tired, and all the pain, etc. that comes from Prednisone, but it’s been the nausea that has been knocking me on my butt!  I can definitely deal with this dumb medicine until December as long as it stays away and doesn’t make me feel nauseated!

projects 017Today my big plan was just to get the garbage ready to go outside with the recycling and the litter box dumped.  After that, I could have spent the rest of day in bed and still been happy with that.  I got so much more done though!  Don’t worry, not over doing it, and making sure I drink and rest a LOT. BOO!  hehe.  I got outside and dumped all my old planters out, hosed them all down clean and sat them on the deck to dry.  I also got some plants repotted to come indoors over the Winter, and picked some nice red peppers.  I seriously was worried when I planted a mixed pack, that I’d only get green, and now I only have red!  Still doesn’t bother me though, since I like them a lot.

projects 019I also dug out my rug hooking kit that my mom got me, and I got all the patterns out, tools, wool separated, etc. to start, but it looks like two dark green wool packs might be missing hmmm.  Can’t find them anywhere, but if it comes down to needing more later, I’m sure I have wool that will match nicely enough.  Zeus prolonged the fun on this when he decided it was going to be his new napping spot all afternoon.  He was so adorable in the box of wool I couldn’t move him!  (yes sucker should be tattooed on my forehead)

projects 020I was out with my mom yesterday… not sure if I wrote about this in the last post, and we stopped at the Dollar Store and I got a Halloween music CD to play the night of.  Now all I need is my junk food to give out!… and um not eat?  Yeah right…  So I talked to Nick yesterday (youngest nephew who’s 7) and he still wants to come over when I decorate to help out.  We’re going to do up the front entrance room and the dining room the most, since those will be the two places seen by Trick or Treaters.  Then I’m thinking of a dinner concoction since Nick likes my cooking, and is up for trying new things I make.  Watch a movie, relax, eat junk, then if I am well enough, surprise him by taking the bus back to his place for fun.

I am also considering these two guinea pigs that are at the Humane Society.  They have been together forever and they’re only $10 each.  Plus I hate buying animals at pet stores!  Sorry but I do!  So this way, I can still adopt and help an animal… in this case two!  Though anyone who knows Nick… do NOT tell him!!!  I want it to be a surprise for when he comes to decorate, and have them already by here waiting 🙂

projects 009Also when I was out with mom, we stopped at her work and I of course got drawn to the books.  They have buy 4, get one free, and my mom wouldn’t let me pay for them, so she got a discount.  Score!  I got a random array.  A book on aquarium life, etc.  guide book, a book about small dogs, a book about Pugs, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (already read, but I am slowly collecting some of my fav.s) and hmmm let me see…oh a dog training book.  So they’ll be fun to read for now while dreaming of when I’m healthy and can walk more and more and have a dog!  BOO  Okay.. that was my pity moment lol.

This month, I am hoping to get Nick B-day and Dad’s b-day presents, my bro and Deb’s Christmas present, and my other nephew and two nieces theirs… that will leave me to get Nick’s Christmas gift, a small one for my PSW’s son, Holly my Peer Support, and my great nephew Jase something.  Those will be easy enough to get.  Along with the stamps for cards (friends beware… the what’s your address again?  email is coming soon!)  and the wrapping paper, etc. stuff.  Gotta love budgeting month by month… it scares me into this Christmas is closer than it is… which is probably a good thing!

zeuslove 002I also need to go through Zeus’ old toys and find what I can donate away.  He has way too much crap he doesn’t play with, that some other cat my love.  I still hope to do knitted cat nip presents this year, but that depends on how I do on my med.s  I’m already months late from when I normally would have started them!

I have to go back next Wednesday to the doctors to get my other TB test done.  I guess the first time you do it, it’s a two parter.  Wed. left arm… go Friday to make sure no bumps, back Wed. for right arm… and back Friday to make sure there’s no reaction.  When my dr. saw how awful I looked yesterday she said, since I had, had regular allergy tests before, and know what to look for, that as long as there were no bumps, I didn’t have to come back the first Friday.  Just the last to look it all over to be sure.  So far nadda, so at least this will be done and out of the way in time for Remicade.  I like having it all done right away, so I don’t forget anything, or I’m not scrambling around at the last second trying to get everything done.

Will be back next week after some more excitement!

XO Ash,

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