Someone Just Got Punched!

557947_10153384913525594_1831404439_nI’m eating my breakfast, and a car pulls up across the road by the bus stop and two guys around my age or younger get out.  They seem all determined, so I move over on the couch and see there’s a guy talking to them about the same age with his arms flinging like he’s mad, but trying to explain himself, and then all of a sudden, another guy gets out of the car and walks over and punches this guy in the face!  I was getting up to do God knows what, but felt I had to do something, and it was over and they were gone and the guy that got hit was fine walking away, etc.  BUT HOLY SHIT!  I know we’ve all WANTED to punch someone… many people actually, in the face, but seriously?  Kids walk by there, and did just minutes later to go to school, and families, etc. taking their kids for walks.  Punch them at home, not where kids are! LOL.  Craziness.

I am now down to 30 mg of Prednisone.  So this Thursday I will be at the half way mark.  I feel bad.  I haven`t felt great this entire time, but I feel bad now.  Not only do you feel like shit from the medicine and then from coming off it, but I now feel like shit bc my crohn`s is coming back to haunt me.  Right on time for Halloween!

This week is going to be boring then very exciting bc I can finally get food on Friday!  Also have my dad`s birthday coming up on the 9th, so I want to get his present.  I also still need to get the rest of my nieces and nephews presents for Christmas.

I usually get money for my birthday from my mom, dad and Grams.  So I was trying to figure out what I might want to get for myself.  I was going to put it towards the aquarium, but Amanda gave me a beautiful decoration for in there, and I can easily afford the fish for it.  I`m thinking I might get myself a used Tassimo brewer, bc you can find them online really cheap, and the get my skinny pig with part of the rest.  No idea yet, and don`t know if I can wait that long for my skinny pig LOL.  Even though it`s only a month!

I just wanted to check in.  My heart rate feels more calm, but my blood pressure is all over the map.  My crohn`s is hating me, and I still have another few weeks at least before I see my GI about it, and I`ve been having the worst head aches ever, which I`m hoping new lenses will fix.  Other than that, I am so damn boring bc I`m lucky to get one or two good enough days out of the week to shower and get things done around the apartment, let alone do anything else.

Going to do some crosswords and attempt to do my dishes!  Wahhoo! lol.



True Friends

blog 016Yesterday I was so worried I wasn’t going to have enough time to get every thing I wanted to done, and I ended up waking up around 3:30am from Prednsione so I had TONS of time.  I can’t believe I actually stayed awake until almost 9:30pm last night lol.  Mind you once I had dinner I was doing one of those… need to go to bed, but too lazy to actually go brush my teeth and get ready things, which is why I went to bed as late as I did!

Went to my eye appointment.  My eyes are healthy, but the pressure even though still in normal range has gone up by 7 points since two years ago.  Something to keep an eye on lol.  And my left eye is terribly different from my right!  I couldn’t see shit!  Which means new lenses AGAIN.  It always changes though… don’t think I’ve ever gone to the eye doctor without needing to change them.  My frames are weird.. I got them last time two years ago, and the outer coating, literally is coming off the frames!  When my doctor was looking at them up close, even he saw what I meant, so the girl that does the ordering is going to try to get me a new set for free from the company.  Now I just have to wait for the whole disability dance to see if it’s going to be covered, etc.

blog 015Went with Grams out to get gas, and then came home.  Nicole and Adam came by for a visit!  I was so excited to see her, I think that’s what kept me awake too! LOL.  They came out and she took lots of pet pictures (always gets great ones of Zeus) and I harassed her dog Jenna lots, who is always so damn well behaved and good!  Love her!  Nicole had been looking for some necklace chains, which I didn’t think anything of, bc we’re chicks… we wear jewellery, but she had actually been looking for them to make a funky matching necklace for the two of us to have made with butterfly wings!  This is the coolest thing… I need to get a picture taken of it, but I just love that she wanted to do this for me, but a perk that she actually picked out something jewellery wise I like, since I’m so picky! lol.  I love it!

blog 008She also went out and her and Adam planted some Spring bulbs for me in my garden, bc she knew I haven’t been feeling well enough this year to go and get bulbs to plant.  How sweet is that???  Here they are, freezing their asses off in the cold, and I’m sitting in the middle of my driveway with my sandals on with Jenna as they planted them lol.  Good friends are RARE, but great friends I am truly blessed with 🙂  Got to love a person who even though they don’t have your illnesses, just GETS IT without question.  She even set up the day to come, knowing that Thursday is my day I go down on the Prednsione, making it one of my bad days of the week!

Once they left, I got to talk to my dad and eat left overs and cuddle and crash on the couch with my babies.  Today I have Liliane coming in a few hours, then when Amanda and Grams get back from her Kingston appointment, I am going to go to mom’s and do my laundry!!  Wahoo!

Talk soon!


Out Of Power

niles 029Strange, the power went out here twice.  No storm, high winds, nothing.  Went outside to see if local houses went out too, but by then it came back on and stayed on… for now lol.

Had my doggy date with my mom’s Shih-tzu Niles today!  OMG I am seriously exhausted now!  He’s not hard to take care of, and he does bark at Zeus, but for the most part is pretty good with him, bc even Zeus will stay out around him for the most part if he’s here, but I’m pooped!  We played, we argued, he attacked my wool, we went for lots of mini walks, and snuggled tons, and even got a decent brushing done on him… and now I am reconfirmed of not being able to have a dog!  I had a blast, but one afternoon wiped me right out!  Even Zeus is in zombie sleep mode!

I have a new fishee!  My Grams went to Giant Tiger to grab a pair of boots for my sis yesterday, so I went along with her to check out Pet Paradise.  I have to be honest… I have heard a lot of great things about this place, except my mom said every fish she bought for Nick there died… everyone else on the facebook groups speak highly of it.  Don’t get me wrong.. pet stores are smelly, but this smelt worse than normal, and some of the tanks were pretty gross that weren’t in use.  It just wasn’t anything special.  I asked some questions about fish I read about, and the girl was quite knowledgeable, and I got an orangey platy.  I know I need more than one, but it was all I could afford for $5 lol.  I am getting a couple more off a girl I’ve been talking to on the groups as soon as they’re ready.

niles 046Tomorrow or Tuesday… I think Tuesday, I have my eye appointment, and that’s it besides Liliane coming for the week.  Which is good bc I got my first Gallbladder attack Friday when I was at my mom’s and it lasted for hours!  I got another one this morning after only having had toast with a light spread of margarine (normally wouldn’t hurt it) so I don’t know what it’s doing, but it’s full force back again grrr.  It exhausts me too when it happens a lot, and I tend to not sleep well… and Prednisone is screwing with my sleep as it is.  I think it’s from going down on the medicine and my Crohn’s is acting back up again slowly but surely.  I can’t wait to bitch about it to my G.I. AGAIN in November when I see him.  Also having terrible headaches from the medicine too.  I can deal with that though.

niles 016Speaking of Crohn’s Disease and medicine… last Wed. or Thur.  I called my pharmacy to have my crohn’s med.s delivered… and they didn’t.  And it’s now Sunday and I am now without my Crohn’s med.s  Normally a night wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but during a relapse you need every bit of help you can get!  Tomorrow should be interesting!  Going to call them in the morning again, since they had repeats!

niles 017All caught up on Sleepy Hollow, which for reg. tv I like, and finally finished Breaking Bad last night.  What a great ending!  Won’t do a spoiler for those waiting to watch it still, but I think they finished it well!  Very happy with it!  Now back on track with Criminal Minds, and The Vampire Diaries and that’s it.  I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy.  I was a faithful follower all these years, and I’m so bored to death watching it, I just can’t do it for another season!

Going to watch The Rite and snuggle with my Zeusy babes for love.


What Smells?

My free little Knorr's Salty, Peppy & Eggy!  So cute!

My free little Knorr’s Salty, Peppy & Eggy! So cute!

I just walked in from outside and could smell an amonia ish smell… Why does it smell?  I cleaned the girl’s cage the night before last… oh yeah the shavings from that are in a garbage bag ready to go out tonight by the door… plus I was cleaning this morning in and around the kitchen bathroom area lol.  Makes sense.  So I open my window… that damn spider is GROWING and not little by little… he’s a huge mofo!  I do not like him, and yet to try to kill him makes me feel like he’ll only somehow get closer to me and my spot on the deck… which means I have to deal with ugly many legs in my window each night.  *shivers*

fishee 033My Personal Support Worker came today quickly so I could do the pets nails.  She did them all but Stella with a towel, and poor little Stella bled a bit bc I think she didn’t really need to be done so soon.  I have the Quick stop stuff from when I worked at the vets, and that stopped it right away, but it didn’t help a lady dropping off a painting brought her dog who thought she’d check everything out in the apartment lol.  I didn’t mind though bc she was so cute!

fishee 007Speaking of dogs, my mom is having a friend down to visit this weekend, and she has an old blind dog that she is bringing with her.  Since Niles (my mom’s dog) is soooo annoyingly hyper around other dogs, mom  asked me if I could pet sit up for a few hours while they were there.  Which of course I said yes!  I had a blast with him the last time, and I’ve been bugging her to bring him over more often.  He steals Zeus’ cat toys, and tries to get Zeus to play with him, but Zeus hides under the kitchen table meowing with  one eye closed to show he’s jealous.  Shall be fun 🙂  I love my little four legged brother!

fishee 012So yesterday was fun!  My sis was too sick to tote me around, but Grams brought me and I was able to pick up some aquarium stuff from this really nice woman I’ve been talking to who lives semi near by.  For $30 I got an extra heater for the aquarium, and a piece of drift wood, which were my last two purchases to make for my tank to be done, plus she gave me some water cleanser, and some ick medicine, and a whack load of plastic plants and decorations for the fish!  Plus a pump and a bunch of piping, a timer, etc.  I couldn’t even fit it all in the tank lol.  So maybe another smaller tank some time later????

momthanksgiving2013 007Got my water tested, and I got 3 Bleeding Heart Tetras which are really cute and cheap!  And a Gourami Blue as well and some fish food.  I love them, and am freaking out I’m going to kill them by not having all their necessities or starving them lol.  My dad was laughing at me on the phone this morning going on about it.  Plus Zeus likes them and took a liking to smacking the glass which is NOT what I want to deal with.

thankgiving2013dads 003So I picked up a little project to do over the next little bit.  Making a dog sweater for a female wiener dog.  I just hope I can do it to fit the little dear and have it look okay at the same time lol.  The owner saw me trying to sell one I had made for my mom’s old dog Winnie, but ended up being waaay too small for her, so I’m going to give it another go 🙂

I also have some yummy recipes I stole out of my Grandma’s Canadian Living magazines I want to try soon.  Will have to have an Around the World dinner soon!

blog 006I was talking to my neighbour Enzo, who lives upstairs with his wife Josie, and he wanted to let me know, (must have been talking to the landlord about my health) that if I was ever too sick, to cook, or get anything I needed done, just to call them and they’d be down to help in a heart beat.  I already knew they were the types I could go to, and same with Janie who lives in the addition off the house, but it was very sweet of him to tell me that.  Meant a lot 🙂

I still want to vacuum and I need to do the rest of the garbages up to take out tonight, but wanted to check in about all the fun stuff happening around here!  It’s so beautiful out!


Aww My Girls

blog 005The big cage came tonight!  It’s about 4 feet long by 2 feet wide.  Today was a good day!  I got screwed out of one of my sales, but all the others came through which was nice!  I’ll take some pictures of the girls in their new cage.  TONS of room for them to run around in and not be so cramped!  Their regular cage will be their changing cage now.  It’s so big I have to put it on my dresser to keep them up away from Zeus!  I heard they can get very anxious and have a crazy high heart rate, so they don’t like a lot of unexpected noises.  Our one in high school Rodney lived in the kitchen a big part of his life, but he was also alone, so I thought regardless of me being pretty quiet, it would probably better for them… and Zeus since they constantly wake him up, to keep them in there.  They’ll be between to nice windows without direct sun light, and close, but not too close to the heater too for over the winter.  The people that brought it own a Rabbit and Horse sanctuary and were around my age, and super nice!

blog 014Tomorrow Amanda and I are spending the afternoon together.  I have Liliane coming in the morning, around noon, and then Amanda and I are going to pick up some fish stuff I am getting from a girl, who is also giving me a piece of drift wood for my later on bristlenose pleco 🙂  So that’ll be ALL DONE.  Then I need to get my water tested, grab some Tetras that I’m hoping will still be on sale, and a few things I need to get like bread, cat food, litter, etc.  Then I am being dropped off at mom and Gram’s on the way back to be put to work.  They’re both having problems with their computers now lol.  I finally figured out what was wrong with mom’s, and now Grams is being wonky.  Free dinner!

october2013 053Going to also finally post some photos from my Halloween date night with Nick.  Of just the decorations themselves, since I posted the other ones before.  Also will post some of yesterday with Roxy and Stella.  They were both screaming so loud out of their cages today I had to squish away from them bc it was hurting my ears!

Zeus keeps pacing back and forth to the bedroom like he’s upset they aren’t out here with us still.  I’m seriously becoming chop liver to my pets when it comes to them liking each other more than me!


Thanksgiving 2013

I have way too many photos to post, so I’ll probably be posting Thanksgiving photos over the next couple of entries.

thankgiving2013dads 007My Thanksgiving was awesome as ALWAYS!  Saturday dad came and got me and Taylor.  Nick and Amanda didn’t go bc poor Nick was in the hospital the night before from a bad throat and ear infection.  Poor little guy was all tears knowing he wasn’t going to be able to go, but it hit him so fast!  I had just seen him a few days before and he wasn’t even sick with a cold!

My oldest brother was at his mom’s, so I didn’t get to see my oldest nephew Travis either, but I got to see my beautiful nieces Jess & Caryn, and the newest Pauls member jase (my great nephew).  I love how the babies are so chill in that family!  He was just going with the flow of everyone and everything around him!  Little dear sweets!  I made sure to give lots of guilt trips about coming up to see me more often too lol.

thankgiving2013dads 005My uncle Howard and Patti came 🙂  I LOVE getting to see them and catch up!  And Lois’ sister Marg and hubby Terry came too, whom I’ve loved like family from the first time we met.  And got to see pictures and catch up on what’s going on with them.  The dinner was yummy and the weather was perfect for sitting outside!  I was just happy to get to see everyone!  Every body who was there I ADORE and LOVE so much, and feel so comfortable around.  TRUE FAMILY!  I even got to see my Steacy (my original sis in law) and catch up with her!

thankgiving2013dads 002Sunday Grams called me early and picked me up to go to her and mom’s for their dinner.  They invited Carrie and Emily (my sis’ friend and daughter) who are our adopted family.  Nick came up a little earlier too so we got to hang out and relax and catch up before everyone else got there.  YUMMY turkey and left overs to boot.  So I am nicely fed for today too! Lol.  Had a riot with the kids, and got to play with the kitten that lives in my mom’s town house area who’s always outside.  She’s a little sweety, and really likes Nick bc he’s so good with her.

momthanksgiving2013 028Got home at a decent time, and got to relax and brush the girls.  Roxy is doing well.  There are still moments where she gets stressed and wants to go right back to her cage with Stella, but the brushing helped, I let her and Zeus get close to check each other out, and then I walked around with her and sat in the rocking chair away from Stella so she could focus on me instead.  She sang away and ended up being out about a half hour!  Stella is so chill though.  Take her out, hold her on your shoulder (bc she slips she’s so tiny still) and she’ll sing away happy as all get out until you put her back)  Roxy is coming around though, and I am just wanting to do what’s best for her.  This Wednesday when my PSW comes, we are going to do their and Zeus’ nails, so that will help too.

momthanksgiving2013 035I keep thinking I’m getting sick, then it goes away, etc. but I am not feeling bad.  If that makes sense.  I don’t have a head cold, and I don’t feel terrible like you usually would when a cold goes to your chest, but I feel heavy in the chest, like it’s filling up.  I had a cough a bit yesterday, but it’s a lot worse today, so it must just be starting or something.  I’ve been in pain, but that could be fibro with the weather, or even the Prednisone.  So I’ve been taking my inhaler every morning and night trying to hold this crap at bay so it can’t get worse in my chest at least.

october2013 042So even though today is TECHNICALLY Canada‘s Thanksgiving, my weekend is over!  And see US bums… we didn’t wreck your shows!  (tsk tsk) so today will be a nice relaxing day at home cleaning lol.  I swear I make more mess and shed more than the three four legged creatures!

Oh!  And I’m hoping to get a day this week where I get my water tested from the aquarium to start getting fish!  I’m going to start with a few Tetras since they’re cheap and I’m on a weak budget, and mainly bc I got free food for Tetra sitting around here, so it’s one less thing to buy lol.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend too!