Secret Mission Under Way

spider 002Ohh I can’t wait for Nick to get here.  We are having our date night when he gets off school today.  I’ve been planning this for a bit now and he doesn’t really know what all is going to be going on.  Usually Amanda always comes with him, bc I hate not having her get a meal too, but this time I asked it to be just me and Nick, and Amanda will have dinner brought back to her when he goes home after 🙂

I am making a spinach lasagne recipe I love where you roll the noodles into portion sizes.  It’s a great recipe and gives you a couple days worth of meals even with guests too.  A lot of prep work for a potsy who gets dizzy easily, but my plan is to have the main prep of it all done and ready before he gets here, so I can be rerested and just throw it in the oven to cook once he comes.  That’ll give us more time together too.

tosell 005I got out my bin full of Halloween decorations, and he’s going to help me put it all out.  Amanda said he had thought our night was earlier in the week and got upset when he realized he had the wrong day, so she and him put theirs up.  He loves decorating for holidays 🙂  I thought we could do that while listening to the Halloween music CD to get in the spirit, and drink some pop while dinner is cooking.

stella 004ALSO something I have not been able to post, but will now since he won’t be able to see this, is I got a guinea pig!!!  He came to me months ago asking bc his mom’s allergies, if I would be willing to get a guinea pig, so that he could come over and play with it, like it was partly his, but live with me.  I had said no at the time bc of wanting to get a dog, but when my illnesses went all out of whack again, I was trying to figure out what would be best for me and Zeus, and whatever new pet we got… and decided on a guinea pig 🙂  She’s been here for a few days now, but Nick knows nothing about it, and won’t until he comes in and sees her!  I named her Stella and she is a cutie!  Very loving, and Zeus doesn’t get too jealous either so it’s a win win!  I might get her a fellow  girl guinea to have for company, but not 100% decided yet.  I thought one originally bc then I would be able to know she’d get lots of attention… but then I was talking about it with other people, and got to thinking how she’s alone always unless I am with her… so maybe a friend.  We’ll see.

stella 007My other part of the plan for tonight, was to take Nick home on the city bus.  Sounds silly, but he’s never been on one and always wanted to, and I was sick after they moved up here, so have never gotten the chance.  First I heard through the grapevine, that the buses were going on strike!  But thankfully that wasn’t the case, bc I’ve been seeing them all day, and I was worried I wouldn’t be well enough to go bc today is a busy one for me, but so far so good!  It is raining out though and we have to walk part of the way to Amanda’s, but regardless not too far.  I think I’m still going to wing it and see bc I really want to take him on it finally!

So today my Peer Support Worker picked me up.  We ran to my doctor’s and I got in RIGHT AWAY and got my TB shots checked (all clear to go after the Prednisone is done for Remicade!) and got my flu shot and talked animals lol.  Then Holly took me to the blood work clinic and got my normal check up for my vitamins, etc. for my G I done bc I had totally forgot all about it.  And also had time to run and drop my medicine card off at the pharmacy!   Usually the first two alone can take an hour or more on their own, so I’m lucky I was able to get both done!  Slowly getting through everything.  Now I need to make a dentist appointment for next Friday hopefully, so I can get a filling put back in!

stella 001One damn thing I forgot, is for the recipe mix, it calls for one egg… I RARELY buy eggs, and if I do, it’s when I am doing baking, which I’m not doing right now, so it never occurred to me to get some when I got groceries.  Poor mom ran down and brought me one to use lol.

I got my aquarium all set up and looking lovely, and got the fluid stuff put in with the water.  Now I just wait for a while for it all to settle in, then I can start getting fishies 🙂  I am thinking of starting with Tetras to begin with… mainly just bc I got free Tetra food LOL.

All right.  Waiting on some people to stop buy to pick stuff up, and then I am starting my cooking!  Wish me luck!



One thought on “Secret Mission Under Way

  1. Now I know who Stella is…she is cute!!! It is nice you are getting fishes, they will give Zeus something to strive for…:)
    I hope your date went well!!! xoxoxox


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