Being Thankful

nickbella 003I’m always counting my blessings when it comes to the love and health of my family, friends and pets.  They are truly a joy and pleasure to have in my life.  My dad’s whole side of the family… and it’s a big one, I love to the moon and back, and even if we don’t all get to see each other all the time, I love catching up with them and seeing what great things are happening for them in their lives.  My mom’s side is not as big since my Grams and Gramps has four between them, and only my mom had children, but I was so lucky to have my uncle Doug and uncle Casey.  My only sadness is they aren’t still around, but I still have my aunt Kelly who always stays in touch, truly is into what is going on in our lives, and is so smart and cool, I love when I get to spend time with her.

stellaroxy 003My immediate family.. my mom, dad and sister (not excluding my great brothers, but those are the three people I was raised with) know me inside and out.  I don’t have to hide anything from them, and can be truly myself and at home.  I know any time day or night I can call and they will be there for me.  I know a lot of people that don’t have that.

My pets… my Zeus omg.  He’s been with me 11 years strong, through sooo much, and I know when I am down, moody, sick, stinky, he thinks I am the greatest thing ever.  I only wish his brother was still around.  Stella the new addition, my guinea pig is a little sweet baby who loves to sing in your ear and cuddle as close as possible.  Roxy.. who I have yet to mention on here bc she just came yesterday, has already melted my heart and made here her home.  She sings all the time in the cage, is skittish, yet loves to be petted and scratched around her ears, and talked sweetly too.

stellaroxy 010And selfishly, I am truly thankful for all the amazing THINGS I have.  All the crap we don`t `need` to have.  I am on disability, and I have a wonderful apartment in a good area in the city.  I get to do my gardening, and have great neighbours who I can easily go to, and nice to visit with.  Also a pretty cool landlord considering my past ones.  He respects my illnesses, my Zeus, and knows I can`t do a lot, but appreciates that I keep his home nice and clean.

I have food on my table, and clothes, the needs we all have to have.  I am able to pay my bills and have a little left over for saving for things I want like my aquarium, and gifts for my loved ones at Christmas.  I get to do a lot of my hobbies like knitting, reading, rug hooking, painting, cooking, gardening, etc.  I may not have the best of the best, but I am lucky to have these things.

selling 013I try to take time often to think about these things, because there are so many people without the main necessities even like love, a home, food, etc. And I have that and then some.  I am very happy with my life.  I think anyone could think of things they`d change, like having great health so I could have a career, etc. but considering it all, with what I have been given, I have a LOT, and I am truly thankful for every moment of my life so far.  No regrets, just happiness 🙂

So to bring Miss Roxy into the picture.  I had gotten a cage, etc. from a guy who decided he no longer wanted Roxy.  He found she was too noisy and woke him up during the night, and the family wasn`t home enough to give her the attention she deserved.  He was going to be dropping her off at the Humane Society.  When he came here and knew that this was a home for a guinea pig… not using as food for another animal, etc. he offered me her before taking her to the shelter.  I had intended on some day getting Stella a sister and soonish bc I wanted them to be around the same age (these two aren`t) and I didn`t have the heart to say nickbella 001no once she was here and knowing she`d be going to a shelter and possibly never being adopted.  The pet store here sells their guinea pigs at around 4-6 months old, and they had had Roxy for about that long.  So I figure she is around 8-10 months.  Long haired like Stella, and about three times her size.  They seem to be getting along great, though Roxy is quite skittish still bc she isn`t used to a friend or of people really playing with her.  She is singing in her cage as I type.  Her nails also were not taken care of the entire time they had her I think, so I was going to clip her nails yesterday bc she left scratch marks on my chest where she scooted up to cuddle in my neck, but I was shaking so bad from the Prednisone, that I didn`t trust myself.  Normally I can balance my hands still when I shake, but it was just too much to take the chance.

This week is not going to be overly exciting.  I have my PSW Lilian coming Wed. and my Peer Support Worker Holly on Friday to go to the dentist and get cat food.  Woohoo exciting!

Take Care.



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