Pre Thanksgiving

Seriously USA we don’t mess up your shows for our Thanksgiving!  … that is all.

943590_10152882374095594_1251246520_nI am down to 40 mg of Prednisone as of this morning! WAHOO!  I love it hehe.  One weird not really symptom I’m getting this time around, that I never got before is weak nails… I have like hard as rock nails, that I usually keep really short, but can grow really long if I want.  Now, even short, if I use them to open a bag, or whatever it is, my nails just fall apart from it!  Probably just from being weakened or something, not Prednisone, but in all this time, I’ve never had that.  Gotta cut them back shorter to save the annoying bastards!

Also on a not so nice note… I think I am catching this cold everyone is having.  I’ve been stoked having not have caught it yet, but yesterday, Amanda and I went out around town together, and she got my Grams some flowers… these flowers ALWAYS set my allergies off, so I thought nothing of it when my nose was burning and I was sneezing by the time we got back to their house, and until I went to bed.  Woke up this morning, and I’m still sneezing… so I’m starting to wonder. Noooo!

This weekend is Thanksgiving.  I am going to my dad and Lois’ on Saturday where I get to see my nieces and nephews!!!  I miss them terribly!!!  I already told my youngest niece to expect me to be mauling her the whole time lol.  I have to get a box made up for her today too of some stuff for her moving out.  Then on Sunday I think it is, we are having dinner at my mom’s.  I wish my aunt Kelly was going to be down.  I feel aunt Kelly deprived too!!!  I don’t get to see her a lot, but it’s been less this year with her and Grams going to Ireland.

Roxy did extremely well yesterday!  Lilian, my PSW was over and she was doing her think carrying Stella around on her shoulder, so I got Roxy out and carried her around too when I had just had her out before that and she did so well both times!  Then again when I got home last night she did well and didn’t get too anxious!  My little lovey is slowly coming around!  Not that I’d give her any other choice though lol.  Next week when Lilian comes, she’s going to help me do all their nails.  Thank God for great people in my life!

I go to the dentist in the morning tomorrow to get this damn filling put back in.  It had been almost 6 months or more since the last time, which is really good for my teeth, so yay!  And it’s not really painful or anything either, so it’s been okay to deal with.  Hopefully I won’t need freezing so I can get in and out of there!

So yesterday I went up to mom’s in the later afternoon and brought them my camera so they could take pictures of things for the yard sale groups on facebook.  They’re right into the idea of it too.  I love it, and I just wish I had more to sell! LOL.  Then Amanda and I went out to Petsmart and played with the OSPCA kitties there, and I got an extension for my pump in my aquarium, a hay holder for Stella and Roxy (which they love) and Amanda for an early birthday present got me a decoration for the aquarium.  It’s a tall circular column that looks Roman.  I absolutely love it.  So I took some water out of the tank to put it in and set it up with the pump… and now I don’t think there’s enough water.  Everything is working right, but I am being my panic self bc I really don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to fish and want to do it right!

Then we went to Walmart where I could barely walk straight without feeling like I was going to faint.  I got my Halloween candy (mini choc. bars) for the kids, and my B12 since I was out…. was waiting for Amanda so I checked my blood pressure bc I was feeling so bad, and it was normal, but my heart rate was up over 100 again.  Must be the Prednsione.  At least as long as my BP is good, I know I don’t really have to worry about anything like fainting.  I was also able to get the movie, The Rite for $5!!!  They had a ton of good horror movies on cheap, so of course I have to be broke.

Today my plan is to clean all the animals.  Litter boxes, cages, and get the garbage and recycling ready for tomorrow morning.  Then get a shower in bc of my appointment in the morning, and try to find something to eat for dinner since I didn’t bother to take anything out.  Totally forgot!

Don’t have any photos to post, bc I wasn’t planning on writing until after Thanksgiving, and my mom has the camera, but will write more once I get to see my family and post lots of pic.s then!

Take Care!


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