Thanksgiving 2013

I have way too many photos to post, so I’ll probably be posting Thanksgiving photos over the next couple of entries.

thankgiving2013dads 007My Thanksgiving was awesome as ALWAYS!  Saturday dad came and got me and Taylor.  Nick and Amanda didn’t go bc poor Nick was in the hospital the night before from a bad throat and ear infection.  Poor little guy was all tears knowing he wasn’t going to be able to go, but it hit him so fast!  I had just seen him a few days before and he wasn’t even sick with a cold!

My oldest brother was at his mom’s, so I didn’t get to see my oldest nephew Travis either, but I got to see my beautiful nieces Jess & Caryn, and the newest Pauls member jase (my great nephew).  I love how the babies are so chill in that family!  He was just going with the flow of everyone and everything around him!  Little dear sweets!  I made sure to give lots of guilt trips about coming up to see me more often too lol.

thankgiving2013dads 005My uncle Howard and Patti came 🙂  I LOVE getting to see them and catch up!  And Lois’ sister Marg and hubby Terry came too, whom I’ve loved like family from the first time we met.  And got to see pictures and catch up on what’s going on with them.  The dinner was yummy and the weather was perfect for sitting outside!  I was just happy to get to see everyone!  Every body who was there I ADORE and LOVE so much, and feel so comfortable around.  TRUE FAMILY!  I even got to see my Steacy (my original sis in law) and catch up with her!

thankgiving2013dads 002Sunday Grams called me early and picked me up to go to her and mom’s for their dinner.  They invited Carrie and Emily (my sis’ friend and daughter) who are our adopted family.  Nick came up a little earlier too so we got to hang out and relax and catch up before everyone else got there.  YUMMY turkey and left overs to boot.  So I am nicely fed for today too! Lol.  Had a riot with the kids, and got to play with the kitten that lives in my mom’s town house area who’s always outside.  She’s a little sweety, and really likes Nick bc he’s so good with her.

momthanksgiving2013 028Got home at a decent time, and got to relax and brush the girls.  Roxy is doing well.  There are still moments where she gets stressed and wants to go right back to her cage with Stella, but the brushing helped, I let her and Zeus get close to check each other out, and then I walked around with her and sat in the rocking chair away from Stella so she could focus on me instead.  She sang away and ended up being out about a half hour!  Stella is so chill though.  Take her out, hold her on your shoulder (bc she slips she’s so tiny still) and she’ll sing away happy as all get out until you put her back)  Roxy is coming around though, and I am just wanting to do what’s best for her.  This Wednesday when my PSW comes, we are going to do their and Zeus’ nails, so that will help too.

momthanksgiving2013 035I keep thinking I’m getting sick, then it goes away, etc. but I am not feeling bad.  If that makes sense.  I don’t have a head cold, and I don’t feel terrible like you usually would when a cold goes to your chest, but I feel heavy in the chest, like it’s filling up.  I had a cough a bit yesterday, but it’s a lot worse today, so it must just be starting or something.  I’ve been in pain, but that could be fibro with the weather, or even the Prednisone.  So I’ve been taking my inhaler every morning and night trying to hold this crap at bay so it can’t get worse in my chest at least.

october2013 042So even though today is TECHNICALLY Canada‘s Thanksgiving, my weekend is over!  And see US bums… we didn’t wreck your shows!  (tsk tsk) so today will be a nice relaxing day at home cleaning lol.  I swear I make more mess and shed more than the three four legged creatures!

Oh!  And I’m hoping to get a day this week where I get my water tested from the aquarium to start getting fish!  I’m going to start with a few Tetras since they’re cheap and I’m on a weak budget, and mainly bc I got free food for Tetra sitting around here, so it’s one less thing to buy lol.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend too!


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