Aww My Girls

blog 005The big cage came tonight!  It’s about 4 feet long by 2 feet wide.  Today was a good day!  I got screwed out of one of my sales, but all the others came through which was nice!  I’ll take some pictures of the girls in their new cage.  TONS of room for them to run around in and not be so cramped!  Their regular cage will be their changing cage now.  It’s so big I have to put it on my dresser to keep them up away from Zeus!  I heard they can get very anxious and have a crazy high heart rate, so they don’t like a lot of unexpected noises.  Our one in high school Rodney lived in the kitchen a big part of his life, but he was also alone, so I thought regardless of me being pretty quiet, it would probably better for them… and Zeus since they constantly wake him up, to keep them in there.  They’ll be between to nice windows without direct sun light, and close, but not too close to the heater too for over the winter.  The people that brought it own a Rabbit and Horse sanctuary and were around my age, and super nice!

blog 014Tomorrow Amanda and I are spending the afternoon together.  I have Liliane coming in the morning, around noon, and then Amanda and I are going to pick up some fish stuff I am getting from a girl, who is also giving me a piece of drift wood for my later on bristlenose pleco 🙂  So that’ll be ALL DONE.  Then I need to get my water tested, grab some Tetras that I’m hoping will still be on sale, and a few things I need to get like bread, cat food, litter, etc.  Then I am being dropped off at mom and Gram’s on the way back to be put to work.  They’re both having problems with their computers now lol.  I finally figured out what was wrong with mom’s, and now Grams is being wonky.  Free dinner!

october2013 053Going to also finally post some photos from my Halloween date night with Nick.  Of just the decorations themselves, since I posted the other ones before.  Also will post some of yesterday with Roxy and Stella.  They were both screaming so loud out of their cages today I had to squish away from them bc it was hurting my ears!

Zeus keeps pacing back and forth to the bedroom like he’s upset they aren’t out here with us still.  I’m seriously becoming chop liver to my pets when it comes to them liking each other more than me!



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