What Smells?

My free little Knorr's Salty, Peppy & Eggy!  So cute!

My free little Knorr’s Salty, Peppy & Eggy! So cute!

I just walked in from outside and could smell an amonia ish smell… Why does it smell?  I cleaned the girl’s cage the night before last… oh yeah the shavings from that are in a garbage bag ready to go out tonight by the door… plus I was cleaning this morning in and around the kitchen bathroom area lol.  Makes sense.  So I open my window… that damn spider is GROWING and not little by little… he’s a huge mofo!  I do not like him, and yet to try to kill him makes me feel like he’ll only somehow get closer to me and my spot on the deck… which means I have to deal with ugly many legs in my window each night.  *shivers*

fishee 033My Personal Support Worker came today quickly so I could do the pets nails.  She did them all but Stella with a towel, and poor little Stella bled a bit bc I think she didn’t really need to be done so soon.  I have the Quick stop stuff from when I worked at the vets, and that stopped it right away, but it didn’t help a lady dropping off a painting brought her dog who thought she’d check everything out in the apartment lol.  I didn’t mind though bc she was so cute!

fishee 007Speaking of dogs, my mom is having a friend down to visit this weekend, and she has an old blind dog that she is bringing with her.  Since Niles (my mom’s dog) is soooo annoyingly hyper around other dogs, mom  asked me if I could pet sit up for a few hours while they were there.  Which of course I said yes!  I had a blast with him the last time, and I’ve been bugging her to bring him over more often.  He steals Zeus’ cat toys, and tries to get Zeus to play with him, but Zeus hides under the kitchen table meowing with  one eye closed to show he’s jealous.  Shall be fun 🙂  I love my little four legged brother!

fishee 012So yesterday was fun!  My sis was too sick to tote me around, but Grams brought me and I was able to pick up some aquarium stuff from this really nice woman I’ve been talking to who lives semi near by.  For $30 I got an extra heater for the aquarium, and a piece of drift wood, which were my last two purchases to make for my tank to be done, plus she gave me some water cleanser, and some ick medicine, and a whack load of plastic plants and decorations for the fish!  Plus a pump and a bunch of piping, a timer, etc.  I couldn’t even fit it all in the tank lol.  So maybe another smaller tank some time later????

momthanksgiving2013 007Got my water tested, and I got 3 Bleeding Heart Tetras which are really cute and cheap!  And a Gourami Blue as well and some fish food.  I love them, and am freaking out I’m going to kill them by not having all their necessities or starving them lol.  My dad was laughing at me on the phone this morning going on about it.  Plus Zeus likes them and took a liking to smacking the glass which is NOT what I want to deal with.

thankgiving2013dads 003So I picked up a little project to do over the next little bit.  Making a dog sweater for a female wiener dog.  I just hope I can do it to fit the little dear and have it look okay at the same time lol.  The owner saw me trying to sell one I had made for my mom’s old dog Winnie, but ended up being waaay too small for her, so I’m going to give it another go 🙂

I also have some yummy recipes I stole out of my Grandma’s Canadian Living magazines I want to try soon.  Will have to have an Around the World dinner soon!

blog 006I was talking to my neighbour Enzo, who lives upstairs with his wife Josie, and he wanted to let me know, (must have been talking to the landlord about my health) that if I was ever too sick, to cook, or get anything I needed done, just to call them and they’d be down to help in a heart beat.  I already knew they were the types I could go to, and same with Janie who lives in the addition off the house, but it was very sweet of him to tell me that.  Meant a lot 🙂

I still want to vacuum and I need to do the rest of the garbages up to take out tonight, but wanted to check in about all the fun stuff happening around here!  It’s so beautiful out!


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