Out Of Power

niles 029Strange, the power went out here twice.  No storm, high winds, nothing.  Went outside to see if local houses went out too, but by then it came back on and stayed on… for now lol.

Had my doggy date with my mom’s Shih-tzu Niles today!  OMG I am seriously exhausted now!  He’s not hard to take care of, and he does bark at Zeus, but for the most part is pretty good with him, bc even Zeus will stay out around him for the most part if he’s here, but I’m pooped!  We played, we argued, he attacked my wool, we went for lots of mini walks, and snuggled tons, and even got a decent brushing done on him… and now I am reconfirmed of not being able to have a dog!  I had a blast, but one afternoon wiped me right out!  Even Zeus is in zombie sleep mode!

I have a new fishee!  My Grams went to Giant Tiger to grab a pair of boots for my sis yesterday, so I went along with her to check out Pet Paradise.  I have to be honest… I have heard a lot of great things about this place, except my mom said every fish she bought for Nick there died… everyone else on the facebook groups speak highly of it.  Don’t get me wrong.. pet stores are smelly, but this smelt worse than normal, and some of the tanks were pretty gross that weren’t in use.  It just wasn’t anything special.  I asked some questions about fish I read about, and the girl was quite knowledgeable, and I got an orangey platy.  I know I need more than one, but it was all I could afford for $5 lol.  I am getting a couple more off a girl I’ve been talking to on the groups as soon as they’re ready.

niles 046Tomorrow or Tuesday… I think Tuesday, I have my eye appointment, and that’s it besides Liliane coming for the week.  Which is good bc I got my first Gallbladder attack Friday when I was at my mom’s and it lasted for hours!  I got another one this morning after only having had toast with a light spread of margarine (normally wouldn’t hurt it) so I don’t know what it’s doing, but it’s full force back again grrr.  It exhausts me too when it happens a lot, and I tend to not sleep well… and Prednisone is screwing with my sleep as it is.  I think it’s from going down on the medicine and my Crohn’s is acting back up again slowly but surely.  I can’t wait to bitch about it to my G.I. AGAIN in November when I see him.  Also having terrible headaches from the medicine too.  I can deal with that though.

niles 016Speaking of Crohn’s Disease and medicine… last Wed. or Thur.  I called my pharmacy to have my crohn’s med.s delivered… and they didn’t.  And it’s now Sunday and I am now without my Crohn’s med.s  Normally a night wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but during a relapse you need every bit of help you can get!  Tomorrow should be interesting!  Going to call them in the morning again, since they had repeats!

niles 017All caught up on Sleepy Hollow, which for reg. tv I like, and finally finished Breaking Bad last night.  What a great ending!  Won’t do a spoiler for those waiting to watch it still, but I think they finished it well!  Very happy with it!  Now back on track with Criminal Minds, and The Vampire Diaries and that’s it.  I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy.  I was a faithful follower all these years, and I’m so bored to death watching it, I just can’t do it for another season!

Going to watch The Rite and snuggle with my Zeusy babes for love.



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