True Friends

blog 016Yesterday I was so worried I wasn’t going to have enough time to get every thing I wanted to done, and I ended up waking up around 3:30am from Prednsione so I had TONS of time.  I can’t believe I actually stayed awake until almost 9:30pm last night lol.  Mind you once I had dinner I was doing one of those… need to go to bed, but too lazy to actually go brush my teeth and get ready things, which is why I went to bed as late as I did!

Went to my eye appointment.  My eyes are healthy, but the pressure even though still in normal range has gone up by 7 points since two years ago.  Something to keep an eye on lol.  And my left eye is terribly different from my right!  I couldn’t see shit!  Which means new lenses AGAIN.  It always changes though… don’t think I’ve ever gone to the eye doctor without needing to change them.  My frames are weird.. I got them last time two years ago, and the outer coating, literally is coming off the frames!  When my doctor was looking at them up close, even he saw what I meant, so the girl that does the ordering is going to try to get me a new set for free from the company.  Now I just have to wait for the whole disability dance to see if it’s going to be covered, etc.

blog 015Went with Grams out to get gas, and then came home.  Nicole and Adam came by for a visit!  I was so excited to see her, I think that’s what kept me awake too! LOL.  They came out and she took lots of pet pictures (always gets great ones of Zeus) and I harassed her dog Jenna lots, who is always so damn well behaved and good!  Love her!  Nicole had been looking for some necklace chains, which I didn’t think anything of, bc we’re chicks… we wear jewellery, but she had actually been looking for them to make a funky matching necklace for the two of us to have made with butterfly wings!  This is the coolest thing… I need to get a picture taken of it, but I just love that she wanted to do this for me, but a perk that she actually picked out something jewellery wise I like, since I’m so picky! lol.  I love it!

blog 008She also went out and her and Adam planted some Spring bulbs for me in my garden, bc she knew I haven’t been feeling well enough this year to go and get bulbs to plant.  How sweet is that???  Here they are, freezing their asses off in the cold, and I’m sitting in the middle of my driveway with my sandals on with Jenna as they planted them lol.  Good friends are RARE, but great friends I am truly blessed with 🙂  Got to love a person who even though they don’t have your illnesses, just GETS IT without question.  She even set up the day to come, knowing that Thursday is my day I go down on the Prednsione, making it one of my bad days of the week!

Once they left, I got to talk to my dad and eat left overs and cuddle and crash on the couch with my babies.  Today I have Liliane coming in a few hours, then when Amanda and Grams get back from her Kingston appointment, I am going to go to mom’s and do my laundry!!  Wahoo!

Talk soon!



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