Someone Just Got Punched!

557947_10153384913525594_1831404439_nI’m eating my breakfast, and a car pulls up across the road by the bus stop and two guys around my age or younger get out.  They seem all determined, so I move over on the couch and see there’s a guy talking to them about the same age with his arms flinging like he’s mad, but trying to explain himself, and then all of a sudden, another guy gets out of the car and walks over and punches this guy in the face!  I was getting up to do God knows what, but felt I had to do something, and it was over and they were gone and the guy that got hit was fine walking away, etc.  BUT HOLY SHIT!  I know we’ve all WANTED to punch someone… many people actually, in the face, but seriously?  Kids walk by there, and did just minutes later to go to school, and families, etc. taking their kids for walks.  Punch them at home, not where kids are! LOL.  Craziness.

I am now down to 30 mg of Prednisone.  So this Thursday I will be at the half way mark.  I feel bad.  I haven`t felt great this entire time, but I feel bad now.  Not only do you feel like shit from the medicine and then from coming off it, but I now feel like shit bc my crohn`s is coming back to haunt me.  Right on time for Halloween!

This week is going to be boring then very exciting bc I can finally get food on Friday!  Also have my dad`s birthday coming up on the 9th, so I want to get his present.  I also still need to get the rest of my nieces and nephews presents for Christmas.

I usually get money for my birthday from my mom, dad and Grams.  So I was trying to figure out what I might want to get for myself.  I was going to put it towards the aquarium, but Amanda gave me a beautiful decoration for in there, and I can easily afford the fish for it.  I`m thinking I might get myself a used Tassimo brewer, bc you can find them online really cheap, and the get my skinny pig with part of the rest.  No idea yet, and don`t know if I can wait that long for my skinny pig LOL.  Even though it`s only a month!

I just wanted to check in.  My heart rate feels more calm, but my blood pressure is all over the map.  My crohn`s is hating me, and I still have another few weeks at least before I see my GI about it, and I`ve been having the worst head aches ever, which I`m hoping new lenses will fix.  Other than that, I am so damn boring bc I`m lucky to get one or two good enough days out of the week to shower and get things done around the apartment, let alone do anything else.

Going to do some crosswords and attempt to do my dishes!  Wahhoo! lol.



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