Snow and GI!

xmass 005I went to the G I Friday.  Even though throughout this whole Prednisone fiasco I haven’t felt worst, I didn’t feel like it was making my Crohn’s Disease better either.  Weirdly enough, my inflammation levels had gone from a 10 to a 1.  Meaning I wasn’t relapsing as of the last time my blood was taken.  About two weeks into taking prednisone.  So the G I didn’t want to put me on Remicade, bc if I will be fine, then it wouldn’t do me any good any ways.  He thinks it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome acting up.  So he put me on Metamucil … totally didn’t spell that right.  So once I am done my prednisone completely, I am to go back and get blood work and see if I am still not relapsing.  If not.. then I have to go on that every time I have symptoms until it no longer works alone.

As good as that is… and as much as I am all for getting the IBS under control… I feel like I am just waiting to get really sick again.  So that part of it is really frustrating to me.

Reese is chomping on my hair for me as I type lol.

terrarium 002Some good news… I am going to the Pauls family Christmas dinner this Saturday 🙂  I haven’t been able to go the last few years, and didn’t think I’d be able to go this time, but I am now.  So excited to see my family!

Today I am going up to my sister’s for the day.  Just to hang out, and have dinner.  Her and her friend Carrie got the house they loved, and as much as I hate them being further away, it will be good for them, and I am excited to see it!

I’ve been weirdly getting really dizzy and tired every time I turn my head far to the right or left to say look behind me.  Weird I know.  I mentioned this to the G I, and apparently there is a major vein on the sides of our necks, and when I turn, I am pinching the blood flow off with the bone in my neck.  This is very normal, and since it only just started happening in the last month, he is thinking it is from the  prednisone and me having excess fluid in the body.  So hopefully once I am off it a while, and the pudge goes down, this will stop happening.  Otherwise, off to the Cardiologist I go!

terrarium 006Another good thing happening this week, my aunt Kelly is coming down to visit!!!!!  I am so excited to see her!!!!!  She  comes Friday morning, until Monday morning before work 🙂  At some point she is going to help me put up my Christmas tree.  I have everything out and ready for us.  She is coming back on Boxing Day for Christmas with us, but I am so glad to get to see her before hand too bc it’s been too damn long!  Aunt Kelly deprived!!!

The last of my Black Molly’s died yesterday.  I was waiting for it though.  He/she would lay down like the others did when they died, and then the next day would be up swimming, but seemed like they were blind running into everything, etc.  So when it finally happened yesterday, I was glad they were no longer suffering.  Plus, fish are gross lol.  As much as I love that kind, I am not getting any more.  Also, one of the pink danios I got at Paulmacs has gone missing… I thought at first the Gourami ate it bc it’s the biggest in the tank.. but I don’t think it could have, and it leaves the other two remaining alone just fine… so I think even though I have looked EVERY where… the damn thing is dead somewhere and I can’t find it!  Ewww!  I am doing a big tank clean this weekend so I’m sure I’ll touch it and freak out at some point lol.

ashIMG_0827Okay, so tomorrow I have Lilliane coming, and Friday I have my Peer Support Holly coming to go grocery shopping, then Amanda and I are going to the pet store for Guinea and bunny supplies… visiting with aunt Kelly til dinner time, and then at 6pm Amanda and Nick are coming back here with me, bc Nick gets his bunny!!!!!  It’s a lionhead and OMG so fluffy and cute.  Crazy hair like Stella and Roxy have.  Nick is totally going to melt!  Will definitely take photos!!!

Talk soon!



The Host

Rickis-general_apparel-8047ed2133tulsp_313172_01Read this book years ago, and got it for Amanda to read when they were making the Twilight movies, just in case they ever did The Host as a movie.. and now they have.  It’s a weird book about how the human race and their bodies have been overtaken by aliens and most of human kind is wiped out, but a select few.  I liked it though.  Watching the movie now, and even though it is still very kiddish like the Twilight movies, I appreciate how they did it from the book itself.

Rickis-general_apparel-8139nb1711_41341_01Mom brought me over some garland that I am going to attempt to hang above my front door and string some white battery operated lights through to light up with the wreath.  I also want to get some lights for the two front windows to lighten up the house from the outside and make it more cheerful 🙂

Amanda and I went Christmas shopping with dad yesterday and then out to lunch at East Side Marios.  It was fun 🙂  Malls are hell for me, and with Pots and Prednisone it made for an interesting trip.  I sweat sooo badly from both!  Down to 10 mg as of tomorrow though 🙂  Only a couple more weeks left!  Wee!  I see the GI the day after tomorrow too, so things are going by quickly, and will be glad to get this Prednisone pudge off my face! LOL.

nov.sales 002So with dad, I picked out a bra and some undies, a funky hoody, some coconut Body Shop stuff, a blue purse, and a funky white shirt.  I think that’s it…  lots of goodies though 🙂  I had more fun just getting to spend time w them though.

Aunt Kelly is coming down next weekend.  It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve seen her!!!  I’m so excited 🙂  I have all my tree decorations out, so she is going to help me put up my tree!  Will post pictures after of it!  I got some of my wrapping done though, and hoping next weekend to finish my shopping for the kids 🙂  My 31st birthday will be a week from Monday too 🙂

ashIMG_0810Also next Friday is the Pauls Family Christmas Dinner.  I haven’t been able to go the last few years, so I am really hoping to get to go this time!  It’s usually the only time I get to see most of that side of the family!!!

I am going to be getting a 20g tank with a stand next week, and I am thinking of doing an angelfish tank!  Apparently from websites, most stores only sell them seasonally, so we shall see when that will be!

Okay, time to feed my little piggies and get them settled for bed.



Yup… I’m sick.  I blame the bastard who coughed on me in the line up the other day… and he’s only bastard bc I caught his cold lol.

jhjhjgI’ve been feeling absolutely terrible.  It has gone straight to my chest, so I am fighting it with my inhaler every chance I can take it to try to keep it from becoming bronchitis.  Today was a little better for getting stuff done, but not by much.  Woke up constantly in the night from coughing too.

I got a bunch of used Tassimo disks from this couple tonight that they had tried and didn’t like… turns out the guy was the same guy who was buying my old computer off me for parts.  So instead of paying for the T disks, I ended up getting money instead lol.  Works for me!

I have to get my laundry done, hopefully tomorrow, and steal some lights and garland from my mom so I can put up my Christmas tree.  I have Christmas stuff strewn everywhere in a mess, and nothing actually moved around yet to do anything with it.  I have to move the tv under the one window, then move Reese from there … to somewhere else I don’t know, bc I normally put the trunk her cage is on, in the hallway or closet… so now I need to make room for it somewhere.  Plus I have the end table from my Grandpa Bruce to still find room for.  Right now it’s holding my rug hooking stuff hidden beside the couch totally in the way.

Think I’m losing my last black molly… one moment it’s on the bottom of the tank looking dead, and then the next it will be up swimming around.  So I don’t know what the hell it’s doing!  Speaking of fish.. I am waiting to get a fancy pleco from a guy in one of the facebook groups about fish I am joined too.  I can’t remember the name… golden nugget maybe?  it looks black with yellow polka dots.  That will be part of my birthday present for myself.

Other than that, I am working on my Christmas cards for next month so it’s all done before all the Christmas craziness starts.  I still have a couple people COOKIE & CARLIE *ahem* that I need addresses for, then I will have them all ready to either hand out, or send in the mail later.

The litter pan in with the girls is NOT working!  Roxy is peeing in it I think… but Stella just pees anywhere and everywhere she pleases, and then sleeps in the litter pan lol.  Very annoying!  I may not be able to get away with just newspaper!  It would be sooo much cheaper!  I fill Reese’s cage right up bc it takes nothing to fill it, but this other cage is insanely expensive.  Got to think of a better way…

Okay going to go watch Looper and cough my brains out…



halloween 038I had a fun weekend!  I got to see my youngest niece, Caryn’s, first apartment.  I got tons of good ideas for her Christmas presents too, so it’ll be fun when I can go shopping for her!  I also got to see my oldest niece Jess and great nephew Jase at their place after.  So nice to get some good baby cuddling and kissing in!  He’s so good and happy!

After visiting, I convinced my mom to go to Paulmac’s, a local pet store in Napanee at the mall, and got to see my friend Nicole!  She works with the Napanee Community Kitten Rescue that I’m always posting about (link in the side bar) and they were doing an adoptathon there all weekend.  Nick came in with me and got to hold one of the kitties 🙂  He was excited to see Nicole again.  I also picked up some danios, and a little pain for the girls, and Nicole got me an edible play house for them!  Totally sweet and they love it!

So now with the girls I am trying newspaper AGAIN on the floor of their cage, with bedding in the litter pan that is in the corner.  I was told you should put something in every other corner too so they won’t pee there, but Roxy likes to rearrange EVERYthing to suit her hissy fits, so that just isn’t happening lol.

oct24sell 001Reese is doing really well!  I was bummed I couldn’t get her more socialized with the other guineas, so now when I take her out to play, I take Stella out too and the two of them snuggle and eat my hair, and sing away together.  Very cute to watch 🙂  Reese got her nails trimmed yesterday, so all the pets are up with that, and try to keep them on a regular schedule of getting it done.

For Remembrance Day, mom, Grams and I, went to Nick’s school for their assembly.  Nick’s class ended up sitting right where we were so it was perfect.  I got to see Emily too and some other kids I had met through Nick before.  They all did a really good job and it was nicely done 🙂

Going to be getting my hair cut soon from Carrie thankfully.  It’s sooo ungodly thick again and I feel all icky from the Prednisone, so it will make me feel better getting something done for myself that way.

Yesterday, I went to the dentist and got my cleaning done.  My Hygienist is so sweet!  I had the one filling that popped out, and was going to have to have a different dentist do the filling bc mine was going to be away, but now I won’t have to, bc they got me in for an hour after my appointment yesterday.  So I just went to Grams and moms for an hour and had lunch, and then went back and got it all taken care of.  Nice to have clean teeth again!

Pretty sure I’m catching a cold… I seem to always be saying that lately lol.  I was coughing a lot more than usual last night and this morning, and when I woke I felt that sinus pressure feeling when your head is filling up.  I have been doing good for not catching anything going around yet this Season, but I was behind a guy in a line up yesterday hacking his head off… grrrr.

Next Tuesday morning I am going with my dad and sister to do our Christmas shopping.  I love spending the time with my dad, and getting out of the house,  but this kills me every year.  Malls are a potsy’s worst nightmare.  It’s so hot, and noisy, and busy, so you are constantly standing still.  Also standing still while in the change rooms, etc.  Last year was god awful and I couldn’t even finish.  I just hope I feel well enough for it, and this cold is NOT going to help it any.

Finished reading the memoir by Amanda Knox.  The girl in Peruga who was charged with the murder of her room mate Meredith, even though there was sufficient evidence to prove she wasn’t there.  I had seen a television movie on it years ago, when she was still in prison, and since she had gotten out and written this book.  It was pretty good!  And interesting to hear it all from her side of the story!  I’m now reading the newest Margaret Atwood book, “Madd Addam”  which is the third in a trilogy she has written.  So far so good.

I also see the GI this Friday about my Crohn’s Disease and getting everything ready to apply for Humira.  I will be down to 15 mg (3 pills) of Prednisone tomorrow, and man am I feeling it!

Take Care!


PS  It was snowing yesterday!!!



reese 056I had the weirdest dream last night that the guinea pigs got out of their cages and were fighting on the floor and Zeus was trying to eat them LOL.  I was scooping them up telling them all to behave!  Then Zeus woke me up climbing on my face!  Thankfully all guinea pigs were alive and well and sleeping when I got up lol.

I’ve been meaning to write, but like to wait until I actually have something to say.  I don’t write all nice and poetically like some blogs I love do, or have something new and exciting happening every day that would keep you all awake to actually keep reading!  So I choose to do more of a weekly post unless there’s more happening.

I had been talking to a woman about a guinea pig cage she had for sale before I got the girls their bigger one.  Only problem was, she had a guinea pig that went with the cage, and at the time, I didn’t know if I’d want a third, so I ended up getting the cage I got.  Well we’ve stayed in touch since, and came to find out her oldest daughter has POTS too!  And what’s weirder, is they are only one town away from me.  In ten plus yrs of having this, the closest person I’d found to me was Toronto or Ottawa, and was never able to actually meet the person bc of it being still hours away!

reese 009So since all that, her mom and dad came down last Thursday bc even though they were still trying to sell the cage, etc. that I no longer needed, I had decided on getting one more guinea pig, which was actually going to be a skinny pig (hairless guinea) but thought bc the cheapest place to get them was the pet store, why not just rehome another one instead.  I was toying over going to the humane society bc I saw they had some, then this family popped into my head again.  They were selling Reese with all of her stuff bc their daughter with POTS unfortunately was allergic to her, and their youngest in between working, and having her own pets, had been looking after her, but still wanted her to be in a home where she would get more attention.  So they came by with Reese and we tested her out of the cage with Roxy and Stella, then in the cage.  So by then I was in love, and they were happy with where she was going so she became mine!

Everything was going great, especially since Stella is so go with the flow of things, but Roxy had other plans!  She loves her Stella, and even though Reese is sweet and gentle, Roxy decided chasing her was a better idea and trying to bite her non stop!  So I got Reese right out of there bc I didn’t want her to get hurt.  She is still here with me though!  I put her in the cage I used on cleaning day, and she has more than enough room for just herself.  I feel terrible she can’t be with the girls, but I put her in the living room with all the toys, etc. that came with her and she seems to be happy 🙂  She sings away, plays, etc. and she reminds me a lot of Rodney the guinea pig I had when I was younger so I think she is going to fit right in 🙂

reese 029Also cool news, is the daughter with POTS is going to be coming by Monday to finally meet too!  Neither of us have met another potsy, so that in itself will make it exciting!  Just be nice to know someone who literally knows what it’s like!

I have to go on Tuesday to the dentist for my cleaning, but sadly enough another stupid filling fell out!  Not painful right now, and can still brush, etc. but I have to get it put back in, preferably before the cleaning.

I’m so damn bloated now bc of Prednisone!  I got my glasses last week, and I couldn’t even judge properly how they fit on my face! lol.  My belly is getting bloated now too where as before it was just in my face a little, but I can tell it is in my stomach by my coat fits a little tighter… and my face is just HUGE over night it seems.  I was trying to take photos with Reese to show her off and omg I couldn’t get away from the double chin on myself! LOL.

One of my black molly’s died.  I did my first big tank clean yesterday and noticed it had passed away when I was taking stuff out.  It had been acting weird for a couple days too.  Now I noticed today one of my other black Molly‘s look bad.  I think it’s going to go as well 😦  Not that I truly care… fish are gross, but I missed the date to take it back and get my money back LOL.  Plus these guys were cool for cheap fish, bc of being all black.

Today is my dad’s birthday!!!  We are going out to see my nieces and great nephew tomorrow, so we’re hoping to be able to stop by and give dad his presents then.  I called him singing opera but I keep loosing my voice with all these damn birthdays, that I can’t get the whole song out lol.  My birthday is next, so it will be up to Amanda to do the opera singing.

Okay going to head out.


Windy Halloween

halloween 005I got about 30-40 kids this year I think.  I’m so glad I decided to stay at home and give out stuff!  There are day cares, and schools near me, and you always see kids, so I thought I better get an extra box of chocolates bc I figured I’d run out… um nope.  I still had lots of fun with the kids that did come, but didn’t get nearly as many as I thought I would.  The weather certainly didn’t help!

Amanda and Carrie brought Nick and Em too which made me really happy 🙂  Amanda and Carrie dressed up too.  Now I need to take down my Halloween decorations… at some point.  The wind was absolutely insane yesterday!  I took down my Halloween wreath after chasing my blue box down the street, but that’s as for as I got for putting stuff away lol.  There was even a wind warning on the Weather Network.  I ended up with two blue boxes on my side deck too!  I have no idea who they belong to, so last night once the wind had calmed, I brought them down into the yard for people to find lol.

halloween 002Went with Holly yesterday and got my groceries.  OMG so good to have fresh food!  And it doesn’t last nearly as long as I’d like lol.  Mom and Carrie went and got groceries on Thursday, so I went with them to get my water tested at the pet store for the fish, and got the girls their cage bedding, hay and extra food.

Money is so damn tight this month bc even though I changed my Cogeco package, they still over charged my by $100 again!  Which is basically all I have left over in a month if I am lucky!  I only have my nieces and nephews to buy for, for Christmas, and Jase my great nephew, but it really adds up quick when I only have one month to do that in, and I didn’t make enough this month to pay the full Cogeco bill… adding onto next months then.  Grrrr I hate money!  It stresses me out like nothing else, bc you can budget all you like, coupon, scrimp and save.. and all it takes it one stupid thing to mess it all up and put you behind with no way of getting back out!

I am now half way through Prednsione!  Wahoo!  So happy 🙂  I believe the first or second week of December will be when I am finished!  I see the G I later this month, and get my teeth cleaned… which should be interesting since I have barely flossed at all bc of being so nauseated from the medicine,  so I can imagine all the work I’ll probably need done.  I just want to get going on Remicade so I can get feeling better!!!  Thursdays and Fridays are normally complete hell for me… and thankfully this week I can say as rough as they were.. they were so much better than previous weeks!  I was sick and exhausted, but still actually able to get stuff done!  Yay!

We’re hoping this weekend depending on my youngest niece’s work schedule, to get out there and see her new place!  I’m excited to see it and how she plans to eventually decorate bc she loves colour like me 🙂  I’m so happy and proud of her.  Can’t wait to see her!  I just saw her on Thanksgiving, but I miss them ALL THE TIME!  My little lovies 🙂

Will write more soon!