Windy Halloween

halloween 005I got about 30-40 kids this year I think.  I’m so glad I decided to stay at home and give out stuff!  There are day cares, and schools near me, and you always see kids, so I thought I better get an extra box of chocolates bc I figured I’d run out… um nope.  I still had lots of fun with the kids that did come, but didn’t get nearly as many as I thought I would.  The weather certainly didn’t help!

Amanda and Carrie brought Nick and Em too which made me really happy 🙂  Amanda and Carrie dressed up too.  Now I need to take down my Halloween decorations… at some point.  The wind was absolutely insane yesterday!  I took down my Halloween wreath after chasing my blue box down the street, but that’s as for as I got for putting stuff away lol.  There was even a wind warning on the Weather Network.  I ended up with two blue boxes on my side deck too!  I have no idea who they belong to, so last night once the wind had calmed, I brought them down into the yard for people to find lol.

halloween 002Went with Holly yesterday and got my groceries.  OMG so good to have fresh food!  And it doesn’t last nearly as long as I’d like lol.  Mom and Carrie went and got groceries on Thursday, so I went with them to get my water tested at the pet store for the fish, and got the girls their cage bedding, hay and extra food.

Money is so damn tight this month bc even though I changed my Cogeco package, they still over charged my by $100 again!  Which is basically all I have left over in a month if I am lucky!  I only have my nieces and nephews to buy for, for Christmas, and Jase my great nephew, but it really adds up quick when I only have one month to do that in, and I didn’t make enough this month to pay the full Cogeco bill… adding onto next months then.  Grrrr I hate money!  It stresses me out like nothing else, bc you can budget all you like, coupon, scrimp and save.. and all it takes it one stupid thing to mess it all up and put you behind with no way of getting back out!

I am now half way through Prednsione!  Wahoo!  So happy 🙂  I believe the first or second week of December will be when I am finished!  I see the G I later this month, and get my teeth cleaned… which should be interesting since I have barely flossed at all bc of being so nauseated from the medicine,  so I can imagine all the work I’ll probably need done.  I just want to get going on Remicade so I can get feeling better!!!  Thursdays and Fridays are normally complete hell for me… and thankfully this week I can say as rough as they were.. they were so much better than previous weeks!  I was sick and exhausted, but still actually able to get stuff done!  Yay!

We’re hoping this weekend depending on my youngest niece’s work schedule, to get out there and see her new place!  I’m excited to see it and how she plans to eventually decorate bc she loves colour like me 🙂  I’m so happy and proud of her.  Can’t wait to see her!  I just saw her on Thanksgiving, but I miss them ALL THE TIME!  My little lovies 🙂

Will write more soon!



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