reese 056I had the weirdest dream last night that the guinea pigs got out of their cages and were fighting on the floor and Zeus was trying to eat them LOL.  I was scooping them up telling them all to behave!  Then Zeus woke me up climbing on my face!  Thankfully all guinea pigs were alive and well and sleeping when I got up lol.

I’ve been meaning to write, but like to wait until I actually have something to say.  I don’t write all nice and poetically like some blogs I love do, or have something new and exciting happening every day that would keep you all awake to actually keep reading!  So I choose to do more of a weekly post unless there’s more happening.

I had been talking to a woman about a guinea pig cage she had for sale before I got the girls their bigger one.  Only problem was, she had a guinea pig that went with the cage, and at the time, I didn’t know if I’d want a third, so I ended up getting the cage I got.  Well we’ve stayed in touch since, and came to find out her oldest daughter has POTS too!  And what’s weirder, is they are only one town away from me.  In ten plus yrs of having this, the closest person I’d found to me was Toronto or Ottawa, and was never able to actually meet the person bc of it being still hours away!

reese 009So since all that, her mom and dad came down last Thursday bc even though they were still trying to sell the cage, etc. that I no longer needed, I had decided on getting one more guinea pig, which was actually going to be a skinny pig (hairless guinea) but thought bc the cheapest place to get them was the pet store, why not just rehome another one instead.  I was toying over going to the humane society bc I saw they had some, then this family popped into my head again.  They were selling Reese with all of her stuff bc their daughter with POTS unfortunately was allergic to her, and their youngest in between working, and having her own pets, had been looking after her, but still wanted her to be in a home where she would get more attention.  So they came by with Reese and we tested her out of the cage with Roxy and Stella, then in the cage.  So by then I was in love, and they were happy with where she was going so she became mine!

Everything was going great, especially since Stella is so go with the flow of things, but Roxy had other plans!  She loves her Stella, and even though Reese is sweet and gentle, Roxy decided chasing her was a better idea and trying to bite her non stop!  So I got Reese right out of there bc I didn’t want her to get hurt.  She is still here with me though!  I put her in the cage I used on cleaning day, and she has more than enough room for just herself.  I feel terrible she can’t be with the girls, but I put her in the living room with all the toys, etc. that came with her and she seems to be happy 🙂  She sings away, plays, etc. and she reminds me a lot of Rodney the guinea pig I had when I was younger so I think she is going to fit right in 🙂

reese 029Also cool news, is the daughter with POTS is going to be coming by Monday to finally meet too!  Neither of us have met another potsy, so that in itself will make it exciting!  Just be nice to know someone who literally knows what it’s like!

I have to go on Tuesday to the dentist for my cleaning, but sadly enough another stupid filling fell out!  Not painful right now, and can still brush, etc. but I have to get it put back in, preferably before the cleaning.

I’m so damn bloated now bc of Prednisone!  I got my glasses last week, and I couldn’t even judge properly how they fit on my face! lol.  My belly is getting bloated now too where as before it was just in my face a little, but I can tell it is in my stomach by my coat fits a little tighter… and my face is just HUGE over night it seems.  I was trying to take photos with Reese to show her off and omg I couldn’t get away from the double chin on myself! LOL.

One of my black molly’s died.  I did my first big tank clean yesterday and noticed it had passed away when I was taking stuff out.  It had been acting weird for a couple days too.  Now I noticed today one of my other black Molly‘s look bad.  I think it’s going to go as well 😦  Not that I truly care… fish are gross, but I missed the date to take it back and get my money back LOL.  Plus these guys were cool for cheap fish, bc of being all black.

Today is my dad’s birthday!!!  We are going out to see my nieces and great nephew tomorrow, so we’re hoping to be able to stop by and give dad his presents then.  I called him singing opera but I keep loosing my voice with all these damn birthdays, that I can’t get the whole song out lol.  My birthday is next, so it will be up to Amanda to do the opera singing.

Okay going to head out.



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