halloween 038I had a fun weekend!  I got to see my youngest niece, Caryn’s, first apartment.  I got tons of good ideas for her Christmas presents too, so it’ll be fun when I can go shopping for her!  I also got to see my oldest niece Jess and great nephew Jase at their place after.  So nice to get some good baby cuddling and kissing in!  He’s so good and happy!

After visiting, I convinced my mom to go to Paulmac’s, a local pet store in Napanee at the mall, and got to see my friend Nicole!  She works with the Napanee Community Kitten Rescue that I’m always posting about (link in the side bar) and they were doing an adoptathon there all weekend.  Nick came in with me and got to hold one of the kitties 🙂  He was excited to see Nicole again.  I also picked up some danios, and a little pain for the girls, and Nicole got me an edible play house for them!  Totally sweet and they love it!

So now with the girls I am trying newspaper AGAIN on the floor of their cage, with bedding in the litter pan that is in the corner.  I was told you should put something in every other corner too so they won’t pee there, but Roxy likes to rearrange EVERYthing to suit her hissy fits, so that just isn’t happening lol.

oct24sell 001Reese is doing really well!  I was bummed I couldn’t get her more socialized with the other guineas, so now when I take her out to play, I take Stella out too and the two of them snuggle and eat my hair, and sing away together.  Very cute to watch 🙂  Reese got her nails trimmed yesterday, so all the pets are up with that, and try to keep them on a regular schedule of getting it done.

For Remembrance Day, mom, Grams and I, went to Nick’s school for their assembly.  Nick’s class ended up sitting right where we were so it was perfect.  I got to see Emily too and some other kids I had met through Nick before.  They all did a really good job and it was nicely done 🙂

Going to be getting my hair cut soon from Carrie thankfully.  It’s sooo ungodly thick again and I feel all icky from the Prednisone, so it will make me feel better getting something done for myself that way.

Yesterday, I went to the dentist and got my cleaning done.  My Hygienist is so sweet!  I had the one filling that popped out, and was going to have to have a different dentist do the filling bc mine was going to be away, but now I won’t have to, bc they got me in for an hour after my appointment yesterday.  So I just went to Grams and moms for an hour and had lunch, and then went back and got it all taken care of.  Nice to have clean teeth again!

Pretty sure I’m catching a cold… I seem to always be saying that lately lol.  I was coughing a lot more than usual last night and this morning, and when I woke I felt that sinus pressure feeling when your head is filling up.  I have been doing good for not catching anything going around yet this Season, but I was behind a guy in a line up yesterday hacking his head off… grrrr.

Next Tuesday morning I am going with my dad and sister to do our Christmas shopping.  I love spending the time with my dad, and getting out of the house,  but this kills me every year.  Malls are a potsy’s worst nightmare.  It’s so hot, and noisy, and busy, so you are constantly standing still.  Also standing still while in the change rooms, etc.  Last year was god awful and I couldn’t even finish.  I just hope I feel well enough for it, and this cold is NOT going to help it any.

Finished reading the memoir by Amanda Knox.  The girl in Peruga who was charged with the murder of her room mate Meredith, even though there was sufficient evidence to prove she wasn’t there.  I had seen a television movie on it years ago, when she was still in prison, and since she had gotten out and written this book.  It was pretty good!  And interesting to hear it all from her side of the story!  I’m now reading the newest Margaret Atwood book, “Madd Addam”  which is the third in a trilogy she has written.  So far so good.

I also see the GI this Friday about my Crohn’s Disease and getting everything ready to apply for Humira.  I will be down to 15 mg (3 pills) of Prednisone tomorrow, and man am I feeling it!

Take Care!


PS  It was snowing yesterday!!!



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