Yup… I’m sick.  I blame the bastard who coughed on me in the line up the other day… and he’s only bastard bc I caught his cold lol.

jhjhjgI’ve been feeling absolutely terrible.  It has gone straight to my chest, so I am fighting it with my inhaler every chance I can take it to try to keep it from becoming bronchitis.  Today was a little better for getting stuff done, but not by much.  Woke up constantly in the night from coughing too.

I got a bunch of used Tassimo disks from this couple tonight that they had tried and didn’t like… turns out the guy was the same guy who was buying my old computer off me for parts.  So instead of paying for the T disks, I ended up getting money instead lol.  Works for me!

I have to get my laundry done, hopefully tomorrow, and steal some lights and garland from my mom so I can put up my Christmas tree.  I have Christmas stuff strewn everywhere in a mess, and nothing actually moved around yet to do anything with it.  I have to move the tv under the one window, then move Reese from there … to somewhere else I don’t know, bc I normally put the trunk her cage is on, in the hallway or closet… so now I need to make room for it somewhere.  Plus I have the end table from my Grandpa Bruce to still find room for.  Right now it’s holding my rug hooking stuff hidden beside the couch totally in the way.

Think I’m losing my last black molly… one moment it’s on the bottom of the tank looking dead, and then the next it will be up swimming around.  So I don’t know what the hell it’s doing!  Speaking of fish.. I am waiting to get a fancy pleco from a guy in one of the facebook groups about fish I am joined too.  I can’t remember the name… golden nugget maybe?  it looks black with yellow polka dots.  That will be part of my birthday present for myself.

Other than that, I am working on my Christmas cards for next month so it’s all done before all the Christmas craziness starts.  I still have a couple people COOKIE & CARLIE *ahem* that I need addresses for, then I will have them all ready to either hand out, or send in the mail later.

The litter pan in with the girls is NOT working!  Roxy is peeing in it I think… but Stella just pees anywhere and everywhere she pleases, and then sleeps in the litter pan lol.  Very annoying!  I may not be able to get away with just newspaper!  It would be sooo much cheaper!  I fill Reese’s cage right up bc it takes nothing to fill it, but this other cage is insanely expensive.  Got to think of a better way…

Okay going to go watch Looper and cough my brains out…



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