The Host

Rickis-general_apparel-8047ed2133tulsp_313172_01Read this book years ago, and got it for Amanda to read when they were making the Twilight movies, just in case they ever did The Host as a movie.. and now they have.  It’s a weird book about how the human race and their bodies have been overtaken by aliens and most of human kind is wiped out, but a select few.  I liked it though.  Watching the movie now, and even though it is still very kiddish like the Twilight movies, I appreciate how they did it from the book itself.

Rickis-general_apparel-8139nb1711_41341_01Mom brought me over some garland that I am going to attempt to hang above my front door and string some white battery operated lights through to light up with the wreath.  I also want to get some lights for the two front windows to lighten up the house from the outside and make it more cheerful 🙂

Amanda and I went Christmas shopping with dad yesterday and then out to lunch at East Side Marios.  It was fun 🙂  Malls are hell for me, and with Pots and Prednisone it made for an interesting trip.  I sweat sooo badly from both!  Down to 10 mg as of tomorrow though 🙂  Only a couple more weeks left!  Wee!  I see the GI the day after tomorrow too, so things are going by quickly, and will be glad to get this Prednisone pudge off my face! LOL.

nov.sales 002So with dad, I picked out a bra and some undies, a funky hoody, some coconut Body Shop stuff, a blue purse, and a funky white shirt.  I think that’s it…  lots of goodies though 🙂  I had more fun just getting to spend time w them though.

Aunt Kelly is coming down next weekend.  It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve seen her!!!  I’m so excited 🙂  I have all my tree decorations out, so she is going to help me put up my tree!  Will post pictures after of it!  I got some of my wrapping done though, and hoping next weekend to finish my shopping for the kids 🙂  My 31st birthday will be a week from Monday too 🙂

ashIMG_0810Also next Friday is the Pauls Family Christmas Dinner.  I haven’t been able to go the last few years, so I am really hoping to get to go this time!  It’s usually the only time I get to see most of that side of the family!!!

I am going to be getting a 20g tank with a stand next week, and I am thinking of doing an angelfish tank!  Apparently from websites, most stores only sell them seasonally, so we shall see when that will be!

Okay, time to feed my little piggies and get them settled for bed.



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