Snow and GI!

xmass 005I went to the G I Friday.  Even though throughout this whole Prednisone fiasco I haven’t felt worst, I didn’t feel like it was making my Crohn’s Disease better either.  Weirdly enough, my inflammation levels had gone from a 10 to a 1.  Meaning I wasn’t relapsing as of the last time my blood was taken.  About two weeks into taking prednisone.  So the G I didn’t want to put me on Remicade, bc if I will be fine, then it wouldn’t do me any good any ways.  He thinks it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome acting up.  So he put me on Metamucil … totally didn’t spell that right.  So once I am done my prednisone completely, I am to go back and get blood work and see if I am still not relapsing.  If not.. then I have to go on that every time I have symptoms until it no longer works alone.

As good as that is… and as much as I am all for getting the IBS under control… I feel like I am just waiting to get really sick again.  So that part of it is really frustrating to me.

Reese is chomping on my hair for me as I type lol.

terrarium 002Some good news… I am going to the Pauls family Christmas dinner this Saturday 🙂  I haven’t been able to go the last few years, and didn’t think I’d be able to go this time, but I am now.  So excited to see my family!

Today I am going up to my sister’s for the day.  Just to hang out, and have dinner.  Her and her friend Carrie got the house they loved, and as much as I hate them being further away, it will be good for them, and I am excited to see it!

I’ve been weirdly getting really dizzy and tired every time I turn my head far to the right or left to say look behind me.  Weird I know.  I mentioned this to the G I, and apparently there is a major vein on the sides of our necks, and when I turn, I am pinching the blood flow off with the bone in my neck.  This is very normal, and since it only just started happening in the last month, he is thinking it is from the  prednisone and me having excess fluid in the body.  So hopefully once I am off it a while, and the pudge goes down, this will stop happening.  Otherwise, off to the Cardiologist I go!

terrarium 006Another good thing happening this week, my aunt Kelly is coming down to visit!!!!!  I am so excited to see her!!!!!  She  comes Friday morning, until Monday morning before work 🙂  At some point she is going to help me put up my Christmas tree.  I have everything out and ready for us.  She is coming back on Boxing Day for Christmas with us, but I am so glad to get to see her before hand too bc it’s been too damn long!  Aunt Kelly deprived!!!

The last of my Black Molly’s died yesterday.  I was waiting for it though.  He/she would lay down like the others did when they died, and then the next day would be up swimming, but seemed like they were blind running into everything, etc.  So when it finally happened yesterday, I was glad they were no longer suffering.  Plus, fish are gross lol.  As much as I love that kind, I am not getting any more.  Also, one of the pink danios I got at Paulmacs has gone missing… I thought at first the Gourami ate it bc it’s the biggest in the tank.. but I don’t think it could have, and it leaves the other two remaining alone just fine… so I think even though I have looked EVERY where… the damn thing is dead somewhere and I can’t find it!  Ewww!  I am doing a big tank clean this weekend so I’m sure I’ll touch it and freak out at some point lol.

ashIMG_0827Okay, so tomorrow I have Lilliane coming, and Friday I have my Peer Support Holly coming to go grocery shopping, then Amanda and I are going to the pet store for Guinea and bunny supplies… visiting with aunt Kelly til dinner time, and then at 6pm Amanda and Nick are coming back here with me, bc Nick gets his bunny!!!!!  It’s a lionhead and OMG so fluffy and cute.  Crazy hair like Stella and Roxy have.  Nick is totally going to melt!  Will definitely take photos!!!

Talk soon!



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