December Fun!

This past week has been insane, but fun!

dec.5 009Last Friday I went out grocery shopping with my Peer Support Worker Holly, and got my med.s in, etc.  Then aunt Kelly spent the afternoon with me decorating my Christmas tree, and trying out a bunch of Tassimo drinks… all of which are gross, so I am now selling it LOL.  Then Amanda, Nick, mom and Grams came over for dinner.  I was exhausted by the end of the night… but still had a lot more to come!

Saturday, dad, Lois, Nick and I went to Cobourg to the Pauls Family Christmas Dinner.  Hung out lots with my cousin Raquel which was awesome bc we don’t see each other much.  Also got to see my Natasha whom I love, and most of my other cousins all of which I adore.  All the aunts and uncles were there too.  Lots of yummy food and desserts!  So much fun!

my new 20 g from mom

my new 20 g from mom

I got home around 8pm that night, and spent the next two hours cleaning my fish tank.  My missing danio… I swore I would find in amongst the decorations or slurped up inside my filter bc it was running terribly, but no fish!  So the gourami must have ate it, though I don’t know why when it left the other small ones alone.

Then on Sunday while I felt like utter death, I went up to mom and Gram’s and hung out there with Amanda and Nick and had a nice dinner with them for aunt Kelly being down.  She brought me a cool sign, and hand towel which I won’t use bc it’s so pretty, from when her and Grams were in Ireland.

my Keurig from dad and Lois and my battery operated lights for my windows

my Keurig from dad and Lois and my battery operated lights for my windows

Monday was my 31st birthday 🙂  I was going to get my golden nugget pleco, but from the hard journey they had, me and the guy selling it, thought it was best to give them a rest while he’s on vacation until the 13th, before uprooting them again.  Can’t wait though!

I spent the day with mom and Grams.  We went to the dollar store, and to the piercing shop for me to get a barbell for my earring that fell out.  I have an allergy to cheap metals, and surgical stainless steel seems to be the best for me especially in my ears where they are the most prone to the allergy.  Then we went back to their place and relaxed until Nick came from school. We had a Newfie boiled dinner and I even ate dumplings!  I was expecting to be writhing in Gallbladder pain from it, but it never happened!  Wahoo!

from Grams, these boots, the next fancy slip ons, and my nose ring and barbell for my earring

from Grams, these boots, the next fancy slip ons, and my nose ring and barbell for my earring

Oh!!!  Another thing I forgot to mention.  Saturday morning before we left for the family dinner, mom brought Nick down, and Heather brought him the lion head bunny!!!  Omg sooo sweet.  I got to hold him and he just snuggled up on the couch with me 🙂  I could totally see me getting a bunny later on in life.  Since then, Amanda says he LOVES Nick and looks for him all the time and always wants to be close to him, but freaks out whenever Amanda comes in the room LOL.

dec.5 010Then Tuesday… I crashed hard.  Not surprisingly, but with being on Prednisone, I wondered if it would let me.  Boy did it ever!  I was asleep for over 15 hours!  I was just so exhausted and I know I was overdoing it!  Thankfully I felt good when I got up, not bad, and was able to fall asleep again last night by 11pm.  I must have been tired!

dec2013 016Today, after Lilliane my Personal Support Worker left, mom, Grams, Carrie, Amanda and I all went shopping.  We went to the vets first, where I ordered my food for Friday, then went to Greenbacks, a pawnshop, where I got a Sims game for my Wii to try, and Nick’s Christmas gift.  Then we went to Walmart, where I got coffee, cat litter, xmas light clips for hanging them in the window, guinea pig treats, an Xmas gift for the rabbit, and my other nieces and nephew their Xmas gifts, as well as a late birthday gift for dad and Lois lol.  Now I just have Holly left to do.

Then they went to the mall where I got a nose ring, only one of which fits, and a pair of shoes bc it was three for $15, and then we came home.  I got my Xmas lights up in the window now, and took pictures of everything I got with my birthday money!

Will write soon again!



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