Post Crash

dec2013 029I went with Holly on Friday and got cat food and some more little bits of groceries I needed.  I am now up to a tbsp of Metamucil which is not yummy! LOL.  I tried it with pudding and OMG NO!  Just not right!  So it’s back to yoghurt for right now.  Which is healthier anyway.

Mom took me down to Chumleigh’s where I got the Sims 3 for Wii and the movie Broken Down Palace for $2.25!  Gotta love their prices 🙂

dec2013 034I am totally brain dead today bc I crashed again yesterday.  This time for even longer than 15 hours.  I had so much I wanted to do around home yesterday and didn’t get any of it done bc I was too sick.  I am done Prednisone now!  Wahoo!  I was seriously worrying I wouldn’t relapse being off of it, bc as much as you want to be healthy, I didn’t want to have to constantly go on Prednisone to get there.  I am nervous bc of the way my sis Amanda reacted to this line of Crohn’s med.s to go on Remicade, but I don’t want to deal with Prednisone on the regular even more so.  So the last couple days being run down, etc.  I am almost positive I am started to relapse.  Yay!  Never thought I’d be happy about that lol.

dec.5 006I need to get my usual blood work done since it’s due I think this week, but I’m going to wait until then end of next week to get it done, since I don’t see the G I again until near the end of January.  This way, if inflammation is going to go up again, this will just catch it at possibly a higher level in the blood work.  We shall see.

dec.5 008My Fibromyalga has been bad too.  Not surprising with the colder weather.  One weird thing though, stretching to reach for something, etc.  normal things I always do, is making the part of the body feel like I’ve pulled a muscle.  I can understand if I am doing something new, but this is literally EVERY thing I do and it’s annoying!  Hate Fibro for weird things like this, but I still prefer this time of year bc I don’t feel nearly so terrible otherwise.

Since crashing yesterday AGAIN I need to do a lot today.  Vacuum, do this dishes… a lot of them, and possibly get my 20 g aquarium started finally.  It’s been sitting in my room already but I haven’t even had the energy or time to fill it up.  We shall see if that happens!

Will write soon!



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