Pre Christmas Crazy

100_0024I have been wanting to write, but not seeming to have a moment to sit down to do it long enough without getting interrupted.  It’s that time of year where everything is coming to a head and we’re all trying to fit in our every day lives with all the craziness and fun that is Christmas.

I got three beautiful Angel fish.  They are platinum and absolutely gorgeous.  I am going to get a breeding slate for them since they are having babies.  They seem pretty good at taking care of it all on their own, except me having to get them some food for the babies before they are big enough to eat powder down flakes.  Not sure if this first batch is going to make it, but there will be more.

100_0002I also got to go get my GORGEOUS Golden Nugget Pleco.  OMG!  I love it 🙂  I put it in my big tank since it has been set up the longest, and he/she seems to like my column Amanda got me for my birthday since it has a bubbler in it.  He/she doesn’t seem bothered with the other fish which is nice, but is not happy with me since I took a million photos of them the first day here LOL.

I had also been given Nick’s Beta Mario, but my  mom is…. omg I just wrote like three chapters and they got deleted GRRRR. LOL.  Mom is taking the fish for me though bc it’s one more extra tank to clean, even if he is small.

Today we are going to a Christmas lunch down town, and the Lilliane is coming over.  Tomorrow or Monday I am getting my blood work done for the G I.  Friday we are all getting our last minute groceries, etc. done before Christmas and New Years.  The weekend we have to relax thankfully, and then Monday Lilliane comes, Tuesday is Christmas Eve dinner at dad’s, and the mom’s for breakfast the next morning, and Amanda and Carries for Christmas dinner.  Then Boxing Day, my aunt Kelly comes down, so we’ll be at mom’s having dinner with her too.  It’ll be fun, but tiring.

100_0027Yesterday I went to mom’s to do my laundry.  She knew I was feeling down and not feeling great.  Not horrible, just not great.  She kept running down stairs to change over the loads and folding, etc.  Grams even jumped in and helped.  Totally NEVER expected, but OMG appreciated!  Laundry day kills me!

I suppose I should get my butt in gear and get in the shower bc we leave soon.  Gotta remember to add Reese to the pets page on here, since she is most definitely a dearly loved one too!

Take Care!



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