Christmas Week

xmas2013 006I have been wanting to write for some time now, but haven’t had a chance!  I was hoping tomorrow would finally be my day to crash, but NOPE!

Sitting writing with lovely little Stella sitting on my chest, singing away 🙂  I am 99% sure I am allergic to my guinea pigs 😦  Or at least their hay.  I’ve been keeping their nails cut back, but my neck and chest where they sit keeps breaking out in rashes.  My eyes have been crazy dry and itchy too.  I’m wondering if it’s not all small animals, bc Amanda’s rabbit Turbo scratched me twice now and both times the scratch has swollen right up.

Christmas Eve, we went to dad and Lois’.  It was great to see my nieces and nephews and friends of family 🙂  I was very careful with not eating too much, and didn’t have dessert, or take home left overs.  I got a nice zip up hoody, a fancy top, two pairs of jeans, some body shop coconut, a new purse, etc.

xmas2013 016The next morning Nick was at his dad’s, so Grams picked me up around 10am.  We bottomed out in a patch of the road the city was fixing and we got flown forward so badly I blacked out for a second and hurt my neck and back.  I guess it was from all the ice built up from the ice storm.  It was scary for us both!

Amanda, Carrie, Emily and Alissa came for breakfast and then we opened our gifts.  Amanda got me my angel fish, and two really wikid picture frames to add to my family wall.  Carrie got me this DELICIOUS smelling huge candle that I have almost half burnt already lol.  Grams got me a frying pan, a heart and stroke lottery calendar, and a gift certificate to Chapters.  I also got socks, my fav. chocolate, gifts for the piggies and Zeus, nail art pens, wool, rug art kits, etc.

xmas2013 022For dinner we went to Amanda and Carries.  OMG the food was delicious.  I had a piece of pie, but still not too much, and no left overs.  We stayed til Nick got home and we got to watch him open his gifts.

On Boxing Day, we took a cab to mom’s bc the car was out of commission and aunt Kelly came in on the train! It was so nice to see her but I was dragging my ass all day, bc I was sooo tired.  I didn’t have dessert this time either, and only took some turkey home to make a sandwich with.  Aunt Kelly got me a huge book of the comic Preacher I love, lots of wool, and a cool notebook with owls on it.

xmas2013 049The day after, I stayed home bc I had to catch up on garbage and recycling and spend time cleaning and loving the pets since they hadn’t been getting spoiled like usual.  I did go out with Susan though and got hair dye, Clear shampoo, and some chocolates, and got to give her, her gift.  I also saw Holly and she took me grocery shopping thankfully!

The next day I went up to spend the day w aunt Kelly and she dyed my hair for me and we watched movies.  My hair is now brown on top, and red beneath.

Yesterday, Amanda and I went to Walmart to get some things we needed, and I also got two cute dresses.  A green and a purple one for $10!  Then I spent the day at her place.

Today mom came and got me, and I got my blood work done finally, went back to their place and Mary, a friend called, and my yellow pleco had arrived at her place, so mom took me to go get it.  She refused to let me pay for it, which was too sweet 🙂  It’s so small, that even though it will live in the Angel fish tank, for now until it gets bigger, it will stay in my bigger community tank.

xmas2013 053Since getting home I have scrubbed Mario’s fish bowl/tank down, since mom is taking him tomorrow, and slopped water all over myself, packed everything but the Christmas tree away decoration wise, since it stays up til New Years Day.  Vacuumed, and did a partial water change in the Angel tank… and slopped water all over me, and made turkey tacos 🙂

Tomorrow I am going out with my mom for a bit to get boxes for Amanda, and M&M’s food with my gift certificate from Grams, and then coming home and doing the big tank clean on the community tank.  Hopefully I don’t suck up the new guy lol.

Will talk soon!




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