amandassales 019I haven’t been writing for two reasons.  One… I have nothing really to say.  Nothing exciting is happening.  I’ve been watching Netflix like crazy for some reason bc normally I never go on it ever.  Been rug hooking, and planning on doing some arm knitting I got shown about that looks really cool, and snuggling with my furry babies.

My allergies are better, but still waiting for the referral to the allergist to find out what exactly is causing this, but I am still breaking out in rashes on my upper chest where the girls snuggle, so I’m thinking it’s them.  Using a towel and sweaters to hide them from there, but they love to be close they will try to dig their way into my shirts to get next to my skin lol.

amandassales 008Dad came out yesterday for coffee and a visit.  We went to the mall for a bit bc he had to get something done for his cell phone.  I had a much needed short break out of the house 🙂

The other reason I haven’t been writing is bc my depression seems to be on the war path.  I am doing things I enjoy and talking with friends, etc. but I feel more like I’m just a robot going through the motions and not actually enjoying my time doing my hobbies.  Who knows if it is just a set back, the weather, boredome, whatever else, but I always worry I am having a relapse.  It took years for me to find Effexor that literally helped in saving my life, and I count myself lucky, that I was able to get switched to a great medication for me when it stopped working almost right away, but it’s always a nagging worry.  All I’ve done is cry all week.

Thankfully tomorrow my counsellor comes over, so I’ll get her take on it all.

Hope you are all well!



PS For the potsys out there… do you think it’s possible to do a dog grooming course/career with a tall swivel stool for potsy moments?


The Beginning of 2014

580608_10152882374260594_1137646588_nSo far I’m doing good for dating things with the proper year.  Usually it takes me a couple of months to remember to write it differently.

New Years Eve was NOT exciting for me, nor did I want it to be.  I used to go out and get hammered and then spend New Years Day dying in bed, but I just wanted to relax.  I stayed up watching The Walking Dead until just before midnight, then switched to the TV special at Niagara Falls.  I can’t even remember if there was a ball…

I’ve complained about worrying if I was allergic to hay or not.  I kept the guinea pigs nails cut regularly and Zeus’, and made sure I only picked them up before I gave them a bunch of hay to eat, and I had said to my mom a short while ago, how in February, I planned to get eye drops bc my eyes felt a little dry… I should have knocked on wood.

580573_10152882373745594_386317491_nI woke up a week Monday or Tuesday ago, and both eyes were crazy itchy, my upper chest and neck area where the girls snuggle was a full blown rash, and my left eye looked like I had pink eye.  My nose was crazy runny and I had a cough.  My mom grabbed me eye drops which felt like heaven, and even though I didn’t look any better by the end of the week, I felt a little better itchiness wise in the eyes.  Then I went to my sister’s to help her pack.  The first time I went, I was in Nick’s room with his bunny Turbo… I didn’t pick him up so I thought I’d be fine… should have knocked on wood again.

Woke up the next morning full blown sick again.  So why not go back to Amanda’s???  I stayed out of Nick’s room where the bunny is, and the bedroom door was shut.  Woke up the next morning and I looked like I just smoked a pound of weed!  I called my counsellor who’s also a nurse and she came over, bc I didn’t want to have to go to my family doctor if I didn’t have to… I had to.  She took one look at me and said to throw the eye drops away and get to the doctors.

ashIMG_0810After waiting almost 3 hours, I got in and yep definitely allergic to something.  I was hoping the hay bc it would break my heart to give up my girls, so I had removed all of that from my home, and might be why my sister’s place started it again bc the bunny was given the girls left over hay.  They eat compressed hay now.  So my doctor gave me some sample packs of an allergy med.  Allegra, and a prescription nasal spray I have to use every day, and she is sending me to the allergist AGAIN to be tested for hay types, grass, bunnies and guinea pigs.  I can still have my girls though with the medicine she gave me 🙂  I just won’t be able to get any more once they are gone.  Thank God she’s an animal lover and understands!

943590_10152882374095594_1251246520_nSo apparently… and this makes me mad the G. I. specialists never told me this, but when you go through a round of Prednisone, even a small one (mine was NOT small) it makes you susceptible to gaining an allergy to something that never bothered you before.  Since I got the girls while on Prednisone, but started having itchiness, rash, etc. as I was coming off it, and now full blown that I am off it, it makes perfect sense.  I had a guinea pig when I was younger, had rats, etc. and took horseback riding lessons and been at farms, and areas with hay all through my life growing up, but now that my immune system is compromised and I’ve been so deconditioned from being sick, on top of being on a lot of Prednisone… it was the perfect set up to gain an allergy!  Lucky me! BOO!

So I met with an awesome chick from a fish group I am joined on facebook, and she said my 20 gal. was waaay too small for my Angelfish, and that when there is more than two, they will attack the odd one out!  So I took her advice and moved my bonded pair to my 35 gal. and moved over my baby bristlednose pleco, and 8 small tiny fish over to the 20 gal. to be with the singular Angelfish.  OMG those bastards were hard to catch!  On top of having POTS which makes it sooo hard to stand let alone for long periods of time, these buggers gave me a run for my money.  Especially the pleco and the bigger Dalmatian Molly.  I ripped the lid off, then started ripping plants out and my big aquarium statue from my sister.  I was about to scream, and had said probably every swear word known to man about ten times each and I finally got them all.  Remind me never to do that again!

Tomorrow I am going to my mom’s for the day, after going out with my Peer Support Worker Holly in the morning.

Talk to yas soon!


PS  My lovely pictures of Zeus were all taken from my friend Nicole.  She definitely takes some real great ones of my baby!