amandassales 019I haven’t been writing for two reasons.  One… I have nothing really to say.  Nothing exciting is happening.  I’ve been watching Netflix like crazy for some reason bc normally I never go on it ever.  Been rug hooking, and planning on doing some arm knitting I got shown about that looks really cool, and snuggling with my furry babies.

My allergies are better, but still waiting for the referral to the allergist to find out what exactly is causing this, but I am still breaking out in rashes on my upper chest where the girls snuggle, so I’m thinking it’s them.  Using a towel and sweaters to hide them from there, but they love to be close they will try to dig their way into my shirts to get next to my skin lol.

amandassales 008Dad came out yesterday for coffee and a visit.  We went to the mall for a bit bc he had to get something done for his cell phone.  I had a much needed short break out of the house 🙂

The other reason I haven’t been writing is bc my depression seems to be on the war path.  I am doing things I enjoy and talking with friends, etc. but I feel more like I’m just a robot going through the motions and not actually enjoying my time doing my hobbies.  Who knows if it is just a set back, the weather, boredome, whatever else, but I always worry I am having a relapse.  It took years for me to find Effexor that literally helped in saving my life, and I count myself lucky, that I was able to get switched to a great medication for me when it stopped working almost right away, but it’s always a nagging worry.  All I’ve done is cry all week.

Thankfully tomorrow my counsellor comes over, so I’ll get her take on it all.

Hope you are all well!



PS For the potsys out there… do you think it’s possible to do a dog grooming course/career with a tall swivel stool for potsy moments?

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