Feb. 2014

jan14 008This past week has been crazy.  I’m exhausted!  Amanda finally got moved on Thursday.  I was feeling so horrible, but I went up and helped even though she didn’t expect me to.  I did waaay too much and ended up in sooo much pain.  Getting groceries yesterday was truly interesting when I felt so tight and achy in my muscles!

jan14 040Monday, Susan my SSW took me to see my G. I. doctor.  The blood work shows my inflammation is back up.  He said not to take the Metamucil since it isn’t working anyway, and gave me this prescription powder stuff instead.  He wants to see if he can get the IBS calmed down, to see how bad I am crohn’s wise… symptom wise.

jan14 021The powder stuff is gross lol.  I can’t hide it, and it gave me horrible Gallbladder attacks so I am not taking it.  To be honest with you, I don’t know how long I could have stood it anyway.  It’s just bad.  Once I realized it was probably what was causing my Gallbladder attacks, I went without it, and haven’t had one.  That alone makes it too much for me to take.   Hence why I was feeling so awful at Amanda and Carries.

jan14 022So yesterday like I mentioned, my peer support worker took me grocery shopping, and I dropped off my medicine card.  Then I went out with mom and Carrie to do running around.

jan14 033It’s like $30 to get a months worth of Reactine!  It’s insane!  So expensive, but I need to have it!  Too bad stuff like that and my vitamins couldn’t be covered.  I did a redo on my budget again and it is doable, but just barely.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to get to save money, but is definitely worth it if it means me being able to keep my pets.

jan14 003I got dropped off at the pet store while mom and Carrie did some more shopping.  I got all the filter pads I needed for the two aquariums, guinea pig food and bedding, etc.  I get a discount on most of the stuff and they’re always having sales, but my God it still adds up!  My pets, even my fish eat better than me lol.

jan14 025Got home late last night and got to work on cleaning the 20 gal.  I got this water conditioner that you are supposed to be able to add fish with right away.  I’m sure you can bc my fish have been fine, but then I started getting this cottony substance in the tank.  Not on the fish, but since my filter was good and clean and I kept the tank itself clean regularly, I knew it had to be bc the tank wasn’t fully cycled, so I did an over haul on the tank last night two weeks earlier than I normally do, and am doing the daily water treatments longer this time.

jan14 010Today, I had to haul my butt around even to get a drink.  My body is pooped!  I made myself clean the 35 gal. which wasn’t easy to do since I was so exhausted, but the fact that it had been a month since a good scrub got me to finally do it.  Then I had issues with the damn filter not wanting to work, which happens every time I scrub it all out.  Found out that was the damn spinner being clogged or something.  At least now I know what it is so it will be easy to work next time… better be!

jan14 034I also got a couple mystery snails.  One for each tank, and some small dwarf frogs that will help with the clean up in the tank of extra food!  I also got three scissor tailed tetras and three more dwarf gouramis.  I can’t remember the type right now bc my brain is fried, but they’re cute and colourful and that’s that lol.

Tomorrow is laundry day at mom’s, and I need to get some cat litter since the grocery store and the pet store by us didn’t have any non clumping litter.

I’m back to catching up on Lost and working on my bigger rug hooking project.  Will take pictures as I go, but this one will take a long time!  Finally finished the butterfly.

Will write more soon!



3 thoughts on “Feb. 2014

  1. Holy!!! You need like an entire month to just recover and get some Ashley Time. What a week! Just think about when we first started chatting and becoming friends: neither of us could handle even a quarter of what we do now!

    I’m so glad all that craziness is overwith though, for now. I hate that the powder is so freaking awful 😦 That really sucks about the Reactin pricing too. Just try to make sure your health comes first! I know you love your pets to pieces, but no one else will care for them like you do, so you need to take care of you first to make sure you can be there for them. Even my special carnivorous catfish that are only supposed to eat bloodworms, survived years on plain old cheap fish flakes 😉

    The tanks look amazing, the cottony substance puzzles me. If your tank isn’t fully cycled you do NOT want to clean too much, the cycle is so it can build up proper bacteria. The way the two of us clean might be too much also; I’ve been learning a lot about my tank maintenance and things I’ve had wrong for years – when we chat on the phone next I’ll fill you in – but might be able to save you some money on things like filter pads, and save time and energy on exhausting scrubbing!

    Butterfly looks wonderful! More fun to do that the rooster?

    Much love!!!


  2. Hi there, it has recently been suggested that I have POTS, after scanning the internet to find out more information I came across this page. Typical symptoms include; dizziness, pre syncope, light headedness, headaches and migraines, excessive sweating, fatigue and bowel and digestive problems. I also sometimes have palpitations in different parts of my body? I have been advised by the doctor to ensure I drink 2L of water a day and increase my salt intake by having for example a packet of crisps a day. What angers me is that I have to wait 13 months to go the clinic to have the tilt test etc so therefore how am I to be sure I actually have POTS? I know that I have something, I will be experiencing these symptoms for 2 years in May. I feel embarrassed to tell people about it, as of course it’s not well known and what if it turns out that I don’t actually have POTS? please give me some advice so I don’t feel like I’m going crazy!


    • Ugh your story sounds like mine. The Tilt Table here, was being used in a study, so I had to wait for it to come back, so my doctor told me just to drink a lot and eat a bag of chips… seriously??? As we’re suffering??? The water is great for you, but try to add salty things that are good for you. Veggies have a lot of salt in them naturally, and a lot of canned soups do too. I had done my own little online research like you, and was positive I had pots, so I just went with it and told people I did! DON’T be embarrassed, and if you have friends/ family that aren’t going to understand why you can’t always do things, or why you may need to sit down and rest, then they are not worth your time!


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