Where Did My GI Doc Go?

midfeb 015I had called my GI since I last wrote bc I felt like my Crohn’s was back in havoc mode.  I left a message, and he had his secretary call me and tell me to go back on Prednisone 😦  I called back and asked if he was planning on getting the application out for me to go on Remicade, and she called back saying that the plan had changed, and he wasn’t going to.  So why put me on Prednisone?  If he thinks I’m relapsing… then apply for the medicine… if he doesn’t, and he thinks it’s just IBS then why put me on a steroid then renders my heart medicine useless making me sicker than a dog?

midfeb 018I was so mad and confused about what his new plan was, that my counsellor said, give him a call, and ask for an appointment again, even a cancellation, or a quick 3 minute phone conversation.  I’ve called twice now in the last week and no one has returned my calls.  Very disappointing.

midfeb 017I decided not to take the Prednisone.  Last time I became allergic to my guinea pigs!  Unless I’m too sick and have no choice… basically at hospital sick point, or in the case of applying for Remicade then yes, of course I would.. and I did, but this doesn’t make sense, and since he won’t even explain why, I won’t take it.  I’d rather get sicker than take that crap for no reason.

midfeb 004So yes, I’ve been sick.  I sleep as much as possible, have to force myself to eat anything bc I have no want for food what so ever.  And I feel like I’m fighting this battle alone.  I still have to do daily things like look after my pets,  cook, clean, go grocery shopping, shower, etc. and it’s catching up to me big time, while other things get shoved aside.  I’m just trying to make it day by day.

Oh… and my vacuum isn’t working properly… my curse… I swear.



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