I’m a Humira Baby!

So I finally got a call back from my G I and I got in to see him Monday with my Peer Support Worker, Holly. I explained everything I had been feeling, and he agreed I didn’t need to go back on Prednisone especially with how it effected me, and that I didn’t need a scope so soon after the last one. He sent the referral for me to get a call from a Humira rep. to see if I am applicable to get funding for it. I also went Tuesday to get blood work for him to check my inflammation levels.

I am going for Humira over Remicade. Remicade you have to go to a hospital and stay for a few hours getting it intravenously, but with Humira it is given in a shot in the stomach or thigh every other week from home. I will have a nurse the first couple of times, but I am going to attempt to learn to just give it to myself. Saves family from having to take me to more appointments.

I finally heard from the allergist as well. I go in, in the beginning of May. I also see my family doctor about my allergies, nausea, etc. at the end of March. That same week I will have to go back to the G I for a check up, and to the dentist to get a cleaning. Will be an exhausting week!

Other than that, I want to get my seeds started for mini tomatoes and my green and red peppers. I am also working on a huge rug hooking project, and want to get back to knitting. I won’t be going too overkill on the projects though since I haven’t been feeling well. Especially with gardening.

My computer is getting wrecked. I don’t know what is wrong with it, but I can’t even get Google Chrome to open half the time, and when I do, I can’t get it to play any videos or anything. So if I drop off you’ll understand why.

Take Care!



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