Still waiting!

march14 010Went to my family doctor yesterday and got some of my med.s changed, and some cream for the hives. I also went to the dentist to get my cleaning done, and NO CAVITIES! First time since I first came to that place that everything has been good. Now I’m trying to make sure I do a good job of flossing every day… no matter how nauseated I am. BOO. Why do we complain about flossing? I mean really, once you get going, it takes no time at all to do, but for some reason I just don’t want to!

Was at the humane society yesterday in the cat room where they are let loose. There was this older straggly looking black cat that came up to snuggle. He/she let me pick them up, and they literally laid their head side ways on my shoulder like they were giving me a hug. I just held him/her and rocked them until I had to leave lol. I was totally in love!

Today Sophie and I hung out here instead of working out. Talking about dogs, etc.

Monday my mom is taking me to the G I and we are meeting Susan there, then her and I will have a session afterward here. Hopefully he has sent the referral through to Humira. I can’t see why he wouldn’t, but it’s been weeks since he said they would call… and you never know! At least with this appointment, I will find out.

Talk soon when I know more.


PS my niece is having a boy!


Hanging On

march14 015Still haven’t hear from the Humira reps. I hope the G I actually sent the referral through! Since it’s the last week almost of March… I am so screwed for money. Even my savings were used to get the girls food. I now have not enough and my sugar levels feel non existent. I feel absolutely terrible, and have another week and two days to just deal with it 😦

march14 011Tuesday I go to my family doctor. More or less about allergies and to see if I can get massage therapy for the fibro pain. Then Thursday I go to the dentist for a cleaning. On Monday of next week, I finally see the G I to find out what’s going on. I am so stressed about feeling so terrible and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

I am trying to hang in until tonight before I go to bed bc until I take my restless leg med.s at 8pm… and then wait at least two hours for them to be fully working… I won’t be able to go to sleep. Sorry for venting, but I just want to scream, and this next week is going to be busy. I just want to go to sleep and wake up when it’s all over.


Kobo Try Out

march14 002Attempting to do this post on my Kobo Ereader… I don’t know yet if I will be able to figure out how to do the photos lol.

I haven’t gotten a call yet from the Humira reps 😦 and still waiting on the G I to call about my blood work.

I took my garbage out earlier, and now it seems as though someone has taken my blue box. Not impressed.

march14 005Went out with my Peer Support Worker Holly today to get some groceries, and went with Sophie, the Social Service Worker student to the mall to go tea shopping. I don’t like tea… I find it pretty watery tasting, and a lot of what I do taste, is never that appealing. I decided to give it a shot though to help with this nausea that is absolutely kicking my ass. So we went to Teavana and I got a Peppermint tea to try. Had some samples too and a strawberry too to bring with me but not to keen on it.

march14 004Next week, we are going to go to the Humane Society to play with the animals, and then do a Melt Method work out the week after. I hope I am well enough to do both!

march14 003Went Dollar Store shopping with mom and Grams, and got some nice picture frames! I also got some Easter stuff, and some veggie seeds. I have finally started my Winter sowing for Amanda and Carrie. For herbs, sweet basil, parsley, and lemon balm. For veggies, I have carrots, spinach and lettuce to plant once it’s Spring, and have started red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. Very excited to give them, them. Plus I want to dig up some plants for them that I have extras of.

I’m starting to feel really bad again, so going to go rest again. Hope you all have a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!