march14 015Friday I FINALLY heard from the Humira rep.!!! Her name is Gail, and really nice. She asked me the normal medical questions, and came to find my G. I. never filled out the forms for me stating what I actually needed. So she e-mailed me the forms, and sent me my Humira pack in the mail, which I’ll get probably this week sometime. It’s the needle holder, a fake pen and info. on it.

Monday, I went to the G. I. with my mom. Susan couldn’t make it, and we were in and out of there so fast, I doubt she would have gotten there in time any ways. He filled out the forms for me, and I scanned and e-mailed them back to Gail as soon as I got to a computer, and called to let her know they were sent. He also said, it could start working earlier (the medicine) but that they give it 6-8 weeks to see if it’s doing its job. I hope to God it starts working earlier than that!

My family doctor switched my stomach medication Lansaprozol (sp?) and gave me some sample packs of this other one to try, but omg it is NOT working at all! And I am getting horrible stomach pains. Usually when my Crohn’s nears its end before I have to go to the hospital, I get these excruciating cramping pains alone the top of my belly, but right now they seem to be by my lower belly… which I think is how I am fighting it so well. The nausea is there, but I am not getting sick… yet. I really need to be getting this med. into me asap or else that will change… and can change at any moment now, which really worries me.

My appetite is still here and I am eating, but I have no interest in it. Not bc of the pain, I just don’t want food. Kind of like when you get a cold, you can’t taste it properly so you just sort of lose interest. I am making myself eat though no matter how nauseated I get.

My dad and Lois came by on Sunday before mom and I went grocery shopping. They got a fancy new tv, so they gave me their old one. Which is still newer than the tvs I’ve had. Mine originally, is 16 yrs old and Grams tv is older than that I think LOL. Very nice of them 🙂 They knew how terrible I was feeling (literally had to lay in bed ’til they got there) so my dad hooked it up for me while I broke one of my favorite cheapy vases from Homesense lol. BOO.

Mom was going to help me do my grocery shopping by splitting the list with me, but I was feeling better once the Gravol kicked in to do it myself. I also switched the Guinea Pig’s food up to another brand to try. It has all their vitamins they need minus the hay pieces in it, and so far they seem to like it.

I have no more appointments until May 2nd when I go to the Allergist, and then the end of May when I go back to the G. I. to see how the Humira is working on me.

Talk soon!



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