Waiting Again

Zeus playing in the cereal cupboard

Zeus playing in the cereal cupboard

I am waiting for the rep.s for Humira to find out from disability, if they are going to fund my medicine or not. The first time I get 4 shots, two weeks later, 2 shots, then after that, 1 one every other week. Come on already!

april 003I thought little miss Reese was sick and going down hill. It has been stressing me out like crazy bc I am doing everything I’ve been told to do for guinea pigs, and she wasn’t playing as much, and didn’t eat her carrots! Now that’s just not her… they call them piggy’s for a reason! I don’t know if it was just a down day or what, but she’s back to her normal self, flying around the cage playing, eating and drinking normally, and eating her carrots, spinach and romane lettuce. Thankfully!!! I would have been so heart broken since she is only around 1 year.

april 004My tanks were taking a major beating bc of me being so sick. I want to always make sure that I do right by my pets, even my fish… and I would feel bad if one died bc of my own doing bc I wasn’t well enough to clean them. So I finally got the big tank cleaned out and going to try for the smaller one this weekend.

This weekend we’re having a birthday lunch for Carrie (my sis’s best friend and roomie) at mom’s. It will be nice to be around people!!!

Trying to catch Stella sleeping

Trying to catch Stella sleeping

I woke up Saturday and literally could walk straight. I was so dizzy and out of it. No Friday sorry. It was garbage day and I woke up before my alarm clock was to go off at 7am but it didn’t for some reason. I couldn’t get myself out of bed until almost noon bc the room was swirling all over the place. I’m used to being dizzy, but even once I got up, I was walking into stuff, dropping things, and couldn’t see or think straight. It was pretty scary. Now I just feel totally disgusted by food and don’t want to eat anything. BOO.

Going to head out and will write soon again when I have any news.



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