The Doctors Diet

Carrie 021We celebrated Carrie’s birthday on Sunday (it’s technically today, so if you are reading this Carrie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! XOXOXO) Mom made her a beautiful album full of old and new photos, with letter from friends and family members that couldn’t be there, and a cute video of photos for her. We were all choking back tears! LOL.

Still haven’t heard about Humira…

Carrie 035Reading The Doctor Diet book. From the main cutie on the show The Doctors. I really like how he keeps you FULL throughout the day, and has specific meals to keep you full, your sugar up, and keep you healthy. My only problem with this book, is that even though he gives you LOTS of choices of foods to choose from, the timing of the day (or meal) he wants you to have ie. fruit at breakfast… I can’t do it bc of my Crohn’s. And he has good reasoning for why he wants you to have these certain types of foods during certain meals, or for snacks, etc.

Watching Orange Is the New Black. I like it… it’s watchable, but definitely not as good as everyone has made it out to be. I also just finished watching United States of Tara. I thought I wasn’t going to like it much better after seeing the first episode, but ended up keeping up with it, and really enjoying it!

Carrie 037This Thursday, Sophie and I are going Gluetin free shopping, and then going to see a dog program. It is where people bring their pet, and train them to do some of the things Service Dogs, etc. do. I think it’ll be really interesting to see, and nice to know that these pets are from everywhere even Humane Societies.

Carrie 038My sis gave me her vacuum bc mine yet again died, and it actually ended up being a newer version of the one my mom had given me by Dirt Devil… it’s terrible! It sucks up the dirt, then later spits it out from the back all over the floor lol. I need to save to invest in a good one!

Nicole and Adam came in the Fall and planted me some gorgeous flowers for this Spring since they knew I wasn’t going to be planting any, and with it being so warm (until today… we have snow) their plants started to bloom!


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