Humira -4

I FINALLY got my Humira into me ūüôā ¬†I had a wonderful nurse Christine, who will come out the next time too when I think I might try giving it to myself.

This time around, Susan, my counselor, and Amy, her student came to give me support.  Thank God they were there!  I was pretty revved up while we were all going through the paper work, etc.  Susan caught on and realized I needed to get it over with so I could concentrate on everything she was saying.

First shot in the belly… I cried. ¬†Not out of pain… but yes it hurt, but bc I had been more emotionally anxious than I realized. ¬†Second shot.. not bad. ¬†So I asked that we do the third in my thigh… omg. ¬†I don’t know what I was thinking, when I thought that would be less painful. ¬†If every one was like that one, I wouldn’t be able to do this. ¬†Fourth shot, in the belly, and doable.

After everyone left, Amy stayed to make sure I was okay.  I got weepy again, but then soon felt more myself, and glad as HELL it was over with!

My mom showed up and asked that I spend the day at least until after supper with them to make sure I was okay.  I saw no point in it, but I am so glad I did.

First I was groggy which was doable.  I was told that would probably happen.  Then I was so sick to my stomach I laid on the couch until dinner.

I went with mom up to Amanda and Carrie’s, and laid on the couch there until I started feeling better. ¬†I should have took Gravol. ¬†I was so zonked by the time I went to bed, all I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn’t.

Next thing I knew, it was 4:59am and I had to get up, bc I was selling a car battery jumper thing for my mom and Grams, but the guy never showed!  *shakes fists*  I HATE that!

So I got my garbage and recycling out, and now I am going to jump in the shower before meeting with Holly to go grocery shopping. ¬†I’m POOPED!



Long Weekend…

ImageI got to go up to Canadian Tire with Amy, the SSW student, and get the rest of my Father’s Day gift. ¬†I also went air purifying plant shopping, but they didn’t have two of the ones I was looking for. ¬†An American Rubber plant, and a Christmas Cactus. ¬†I did find a beautiful fern and they had them the cheapest there.

I have also found through two good friends who need air purifiers, two selections which were both on sale, so I am waiting for them to come in, and have found for later, a mattress cover and pillow covers for dust mites that I will hopefully get next month, or the one after.  My savings are dwindling bc of this, but that is what it is for I suppose.

10268633_10154123306495594_6294332989996650293_nHolly and I went for a short grocery trip on Friday for me to grab what stuff I needed, and then came home and cooked and baked all day for Saturday. ¬†Unfortunately when Saturday came around, my mom had been having severe back pain, and had to drive herself to the ER to find out what was going on. ¬†She is having problems with the muscles in her lower back causing spasms. ¬†Ouch! ¬†And this is a woman who is used to pain, so for her to go to the ER about it, tells you it’s painful.

yardsale 002So today, depending on how she is feeling, we are planning on going up to Amanda and Carrie’s with the plants for them. ¬†In my last post, I said I thought I had 8 plants for her… that number is now closer to 20 lol. ¬†So many good ones to bring! ¬†I hope I feel well enough if we go!

yardsale 010I also have my Humira in the fridge! ¬†Just waiting on the company to set me up with a nurse to get it in me! ¬†Hopefully asap! ¬†I have to get the pen injections bc they won’t train with the syringe.

Going to finish my morning coffee and snuggle with my Zeusy who is purring sweetly beside me on the couch.

Talk soon!


Humira Baby!!!

mayy 001Got an e-mail from Gail at Humira this afternoon and I got approved for the medication!!! ¬†So excited! ¬†She is setting me up with a nurse to teach me how to give it to myself, and sending the prescription to my pharmacy. ¬†Can’t wait to feel BETTER!

mayy 007Nicole and Adam also came for a visit this morning! ¬†They brought me an air conditioner… amazing mmmm can’t wait for cold air! hehe, and an Aztec Lily that she planted in my front garden! ¬†It will be so pretty!

mayy 013Earlier in the week I got a vacuum… a Bissell something… I forget the name, and Walmart online, had great customer reviews… it was a piece of crap! ¬†So I returned it, and mom is letting me borrow her amazing vacuum until I save for a good one.

I also went earlier in the week with my SSW student Amy, to the rummage sale at the Mental Health Clinic.  I got a couple cartoon movies for Nick, and one for myself, a book, and a small Spider plant.  It all came to $2.50!  Score!  They were also giving out smoothies and veggie soups, and then they gave you the recipes, and all the ingredients to make them at home!

mayy 014Mom and I celebrated Mother’s Day earlier in the week, and we went to the pet store and she picked out the fish she wanted. ¬†She went with 3 black skirt Tetras, and 3 Mollies. ¬†Then came back to her place, set her tank up that we brought from my place, and set their air conditioner up… only to find out it wasn’t working lol.

mayy 008Amanda, mom, Carrie and I went up to the nursery by their place.  They have such cool stuff, but pretty expensive.

This weekend, I go to Amanda’s for May 24 weekend. ¬†I just figured my aquarium timer out and got it set up to test to make sure it works. ¬†Then I won’t have to worry about it for the night I’m gone.

mayy 012So I counted yesterday 8 plants I’m bringing up, and all the veggies, their vacuum, etc. to bring. ¬†Then this afternoon I was half ass weeding the side garden when I got my mail, and it looks like I’ll have more for her! ¬†I’m also make them dinner for that night too!.. Will be sooo much fun ūüôā

moms 009I did get part of my Father’s Day gift for dad too, since last year they were all gone by the time it came around, so I got it early, and the finishing part to Amanda’s birthday gift, which looks exactly like I wanted it to ūüôā

My Grams gave me her air purifier, that’s for a small room, that’s been stored in the basement for years. ¬†The one filter is washable, which I did before I used it, but I’ll have to replace the Hepa filter, if it’s feesable, bc I have been more stuffed up using it, then before I did lol.

moms 003Tomorrow I go with the student Amy again. ¬†Thinking of going shopping for the other half of my dad’s Father’s Day gift. ¬†Wed. ¬†my PSW Liliane comes, and Friday I am getting some groceries done with Holly, and getting stuff ready for the long weekend.

Talk soon!


Session 9

may 002I’m watching this movie about this group of guys hired to clean the mold, etc. out of an old insane asylum. The main guy from CSI Miami, and the cop from CSI are in it… which I think is the only reason I am still watching this. It’ really boring….

may 028I went to the Allergist on Friday. I am NOT allergic the Guinea Pigs! Wooo! Nor rabbit, cats, dogs, etc. I am highly allergic to dust mites, and it’s the dust that gets on the animals that is setting it off worse. I am SUPPOSED to get the mattress and pillow case covers that protect them, as well as an air purifier, but it’s SO expensive! I am more then happy to not be allergic to my pets, but this is kind of a crap allergy bc it’s every where you go, and I can’t afford the things that would help it! So I’m just kinda stuck for now!

Loki, Amanda and Nick's new kitten.

Loki, Amanda and Nick’s new kitten.

Easter we went to dad’s. Nick was at a birthday party, so I collected eggs for Nick. Dad hides them all outside so it’s fun. Got to see my beautiful nieces and my great nephew. Plus I got to feel my youngest niece’s baby belly!

endapril 002Mom held Easter dinner off, until our aunt Kelly could come down to visit. She came down this weekend, and we had a ham dinner after me going to the Allergist. Yesterday, aunt Kelly and I went up to Amanda and Carrie’s to hang out for a few hours so she could see their new place. It will be fun to do more gardening on May 24 weekend. Aunt Kelly got me a cool owl boot mat. I LOVE it!

easter 010I have to go get my water checked tomorrow bc the phosphates were a little high when I got it checked, meaning I needed to do water changes more often. Then it will be laundry day!

may 015Poor Grams broke part of her lower back on Friday. We were going to have turkey too, so she was moving it to start cooking it on Thursday, and she fell with it. She doesn’t need surgery or anything, and thankfully she is really strong compared to most people her age, so it was more like a minor break, but she is still in a lot of pain, and not allowed to slouch, bend, or lift anything heavy.

may 032This week I get to go to a rummage sale, and a cooking class. I also need to drop off old med.s at the drug store, grab some stuff around town, and get some fish I am giving to my friend Mary over to her. Trying to save any extra money I have for an air purifier.

Talk soon!