Session 9

may 002I’m watching this movie about this group of guys hired to clean the mold, etc. out of an old insane asylum. The main guy from CSI Miami, and the cop from CSI are in it… which I think is the only reason I am still watching this. It’ really boring….

may 028I went to the Allergist on Friday. I am NOT allergic the Guinea Pigs! Wooo! Nor rabbit, cats, dogs, etc. I am highly allergic to dust mites, and it’s the dust that gets on the animals that is setting it off worse. I am SUPPOSED to get the mattress and pillow case covers that protect them, as well as an air purifier, but it’s SO expensive! I am more then happy to not be allergic to my pets, but this is kind of a crap allergy bc it’s every where you go, and I can’t afford the things that would help it! So I’m just kinda stuck for now!

Loki, Amanda and Nick's new kitten.

Loki, Amanda and Nick’s new kitten.

Easter we went to dad’s. Nick was at a birthday party, so I collected eggs for Nick. Dad hides them all outside so it’s fun. Got to see my beautiful nieces and my great nephew. Plus I got to feel my youngest niece’s baby belly!

endapril 002Mom held Easter dinner off, until our aunt Kelly could come down to visit. She came down this weekend, and we had a ham dinner after me going to the Allergist. Yesterday, aunt Kelly and I went up to Amanda and Carrie’s to hang out for a few hours so she could see their new place. It will be fun to do more gardening on May 24 weekend. Aunt Kelly got me a cool owl boot mat. I LOVE it!

easter 010I have to go get my water checked tomorrow bc the phosphates were a little high when I got it checked, meaning I needed to do water changes more often. Then it will be laundry day!

may 015Poor Grams broke part of her lower back on Friday. We were going to have turkey too, so she was moving it to start cooking it on Thursday, and she fell with it. She doesn’t need surgery or anything, and thankfully she is really strong compared to most people her age, so it was more like a minor break, but she is still in a lot of pain, and not allowed to slouch, bend, or lift anything heavy.

may 032This week I get to go to a rummage sale, and a cooking class. I also need to drop off old med.s at the drug store, grab some stuff around town, and get some fish I am giving to my friend Mary over to her. Trying to save any extra money I have for an air purifier.

Talk soon!


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