Humira Baby!!!

mayy 001Got an e-mail from Gail at Humira this afternoon and I got approved for the medication!!!  So excited!  She is setting me up with a nurse to teach me how to give it to myself, and sending the prescription to my pharmacy.  Can’t wait to feel BETTER!

mayy 007Nicole and Adam also came for a visit this morning!  They brought me an air conditioner… amazing mmmm can’t wait for cold air! hehe, and an Aztec Lily that she planted in my front garden!  It will be so pretty!

mayy 013Earlier in the week I got a vacuum… a Bissell something… I forget the name, and Walmart online, had great customer reviews… it was a piece of crap!  So I returned it, and mom is letting me borrow her amazing vacuum until I save for a good one.

I also went earlier in the week with my SSW student Amy, to the rummage sale at the Mental Health Clinic.  I got a couple cartoon movies for Nick, and one for myself, a book, and a small Spider plant.  It all came to $2.50!  Score!  They were also giving out smoothies and veggie soups, and then they gave you the recipes, and all the ingredients to make them at home!

mayy 014Mom and I celebrated Mother’s Day earlier in the week, and we went to the pet store and she picked out the fish she wanted.  She went with 3 black skirt Tetras, and 3 Mollies.  Then came back to her place, set her tank up that we brought from my place, and set their air conditioner up… only to find out it wasn’t working lol.

mayy 008Amanda, mom, Carrie and I went up to the nursery by their place.  They have such cool stuff, but pretty expensive.

This weekend, I go to Amanda’s for May 24 weekend.  I just figured my aquarium timer out and got it set up to test to make sure it works.  Then I won’t have to worry about it for the night I’m gone.

mayy 012So I counted yesterday 8 plants I’m bringing up, and all the veggies, their vacuum, etc. to bring.  Then this afternoon I was half ass weeding the side garden when I got my mail, and it looks like I’ll have more for her!  I’m also make them dinner for that night too!.. Will be sooo much fun 🙂

moms 009I did get part of my Father’s Day gift for dad too, since last year they were all gone by the time it came around, so I got it early, and the finishing part to Amanda’s birthday gift, which looks exactly like I wanted it to 🙂

My Grams gave me her air purifier, that’s for a small room, that’s been stored in the basement for years.  The one filter is washable, which I did before I used it, but I’ll have to replace the Hepa filter, if it’s feesable, bc I have been more stuffed up using it, then before I did lol.

moms 003Tomorrow I go with the student Amy again.  Thinking of going shopping for the other half of my dad’s Father’s Day gift.  Wed.  my PSW Liliane comes, and Friday I am getting some groceries done with Holly, and getting stuff ready for the long weekend.

Talk soon!



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