Long Weekend…

ImageI got to go up to Canadian Tire with Amy, the SSW student, and get the rest of my Father’s Day gift.  I also went air purifying plant shopping, but they didn’t have two of the ones I was looking for.  An American Rubber plant, and a Christmas Cactus.  I did find a beautiful fern and they had them the cheapest there.

I have also found through two good friends who need air purifiers, two selections which were both on sale, so I am waiting for them to come in, and have found for later, a mattress cover and pillow covers for dust mites that I will hopefully get next month, or the one after.  My savings are dwindling bc of this, but that is what it is for I suppose.

10268633_10154123306495594_6294332989996650293_nHolly and I went for a short grocery trip on Friday for me to grab what stuff I needed, and then came home and cooked and baked all day for Saturday.  Unfortunately when Saturday came around, my mom had been having severe back pain, and had to drive herself to the ER to find out what was going on.  She is having problems with the muscles in her lower back causing spasms.  Ouch!  And this is a woman who is used to pain, so for her to go to the ER about it, tells you it’s painful.

yardsale 002So today, depending on how she is feeling, we are planning on going up to Amanda and Carrie’s with the plants for them.  In my last post, I said I thought I had 8 plants for her… that number is now closer to 20 lol.  So many good ones to bring!  I hope I feel well enough if we go!

yardsale 010I also have my Humira in the fridge!  Just waiting on the company to set me up with a nurse to get it in me!  Hopefully asap!  I have to get the pen injections bc they won’t train with the syringe.

Going to finish my morning coffee and snuggle with my Zeusy who is purring sweetly beside me on the couch.

Talk soon!



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