Not So Noble…

I believe, whether it is an organization, a business, whatever it is, it should be done with proper business ethic.  Especially when it comes to dealing with the community, customers, etc.  I have found a rescue, that has deeply disappointed me, to the point where I have to share this story.  Sadly this isn’t the only person having problems with this dog rescue either.

I know a woman, who rescued a dog from Noble Dog Rescue.  Thankfully she has a wonderful home for animals, but no one came to check out her home to make sure it was a safe environment for the animal.  She also was given no information about how she would go about adopting the dog if she so chose to… which she did.  Also no contract to sign.

She has had the dog since before Christmas.  She has spent her own money on the dog’s food, and paid for him to be taken to the groomer, even though the company on their site, claims to pay for all of these things.

After not hearing anything from anyone since she first fostered the dog, she is told out of no where the dog is being taken from her, unless she pays $400 for the adoption fee.  She has already paid that and then some, by feeding and getting the animal groomed, with no help from the organization.  So she refused to pay the adoption price.

She was threatened that the police would come to her home, and take the dog away from her and her son who have grown so attached to this dog, and was horribly disrespectful.  The woman I know was smart, and went to the police herself to find out her rights, and also researched them online.  The woman from the organization said she had a signed contract (even though my friend does not remember ever signing anything) and refused to send a copy of it to my friend to prove that she had done so.

Finally after berating my friend and calling her a mean, disrespectful woman (which is not the case bc my friend read me the conversation from their texts to each other and it was the woman in the organization that was cruel, while my friend tried to stay assertive yet mature in the way she responded) the woman finally has decided to let my friend adopt the dog for half the price.  This was just after flat out refusing to let her having him even for full price just before that.

Another woman who fostered through the company and wanted to adopt, was told that all of the animals were spayed and neutered.  Shortly after receiving the dog.. she gave birth to a litter of puppies!  Then she was told, she would have to pay a fee of $400 for each puppy as well!

I understand no one is perfect, and problems do arise, but companies, organizations, businesses, are supposed to be consistent and on the ball with their clients, and this company is so beyond doing anything that they actually say they do, I would NEVER even only foster a dog through them.  It is so unbusiness like.  They should be ashamed of themselves, and get their act together before fostering or adopting anymore dogs.


4 thoughts on “Not So Noble…

  1. I had been fostering a dog through NDR, and had a very similar experience. No home check/visit, no fostering contract, no support. We found out the dog we were fostering wasn’t spayed when she went into heat and took her to the vet (which we paid for and were never reimbursed). The vet told us that the dog’s teeth needed immediate attention as they were in bad shape. I relayed my concern that this dogs vacccinations were likely not up to date. NDR’s response was that they couldn’t afford the dental, would have to fundraise for the spay, and completely avoided my concerns re vaccination. Months of asking for updates regarding fundraising efforts were ignored. Behavioural issues arose, which we asked for support with. Phone appts with dog behaviourists were made, and we stupidly waited by the phone for calls that never came. It became harder and harder for me to manage these issues on my own and tried to return the dog to NDR’s care, to no avail. Until I became convinced that NDR could not be trusted and that I would be doing this dog a grave injustice by returning her to their care, and told NDR so. Of course, NDR claimed that we had signed a foster agreement (which we never did), and likewise threatened to call the police and to bring a lawsuit against me if I did not return the dog. I decided to surrender the dog to the Toronto Humane Society after several discussions with them regarding the situation, knowing that they would be able to take care of all of the dogs outstanding medical needs, do a full behavioural assessment, screen a suitable candidate for adoption, and provide some ongoing behavioural support to whomever adopts her. This way, this horrible org couldn’t come after me for supposedly ‘stealing their’ dog, and hopefully getting a solid chance at being successfully adopted. This was one of the toughest and most stressful situations I’ve ever dealt with. It was heartwrenching, and I just hope I’ve given this dog a fighting chance. I wouldn’t trust Noble Dog Rescue with any animals, and am convinced they are trying to line their pockets at the expense of these poor dogs.


  2. I wish there were regulatory bodies that could shut places like NDR down, who function as a dog brokerage, with the facade of ‘rescuing’ dogs 😦


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