Father’s Day Weekend

june14 007Not going to be able to see my dad tomorrow for Father’s Day.  I wish I could be there, but I think they’re out and about anyways.  I already gave him his three plants too and he said they are doing well in their newer garden bed.

I had Christine come on Thursday to do my Humira needles.  Only had to do two this time.  I thought I’d need her to do the first one, if not both, but once I got to it, I was fine to do it myself!  Yay!

june14 005Fifa World Champ. is on so I’ve been watching the games like mad.  I don’t like it enough to pay for the station to watch soccer throughout the year (I’m cheap like that lol)  so when it finally comes on at the end of Spring, I watch it like crazy to get my fill!

Yesterday, Nicki took me for my massage at the Wellness Center.  OMG  It was sooo nice!  I’ve never had one before, and it was so relaxing on my back.  I had the girl (Tammi who is kick ass)  work on my lower back where my Fibro.  kills me, and up around my shoulders and neck.  I felt like I had 20 lbs of stress taken off me!  I didn’t even realize how much it was affecting my body, since I hadn’t felt stressed, until after I got out of there.  Definitely want to go back!

beta 007I had helped mom with a little bit of painting at her place… not much since I can’t do dick all it seems, but I am doing little bits every time I go up there.  As a thank you, she got me a bright red Betta 🙂  I got a little tank from a friend Mary, and he is sitting up on my top shelf where I can see him.  I’m going to get the bulb replaced next month so it’s brighter, but I really like him!  And the tank isn’t too small, but small enough, that it will be easy for me to change!

Talk soon!



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