Since Last Time…

june14 009I haven’t written a lot bc I haven’t been doing a lot.  This past week has either been crashing, or cleaning like crazy.  I am going to get to see Nicole tomorrow though!  I need to make a bag of all her stuff I have for her… my only goal for today is to do that, and shower!  Weee! lol.

june14 002After my last Humira shot, my Crohn’s has been very bad.  I always tend to fall near the end of when a medicine is supposed to start working, and I am noticing improvement in the sense that I don’t feel so nauseated all the time and weak… and then I do something, and it all comes rushing back lol.

june14 004I find it is also making my POTS symptoms worse… I think my heart rate is okay, but I feel a lot of the symptoms a lot easier, like being tired out easily when standing, and getting really dizzy.  So I’ll keep an eye out for it.  I want to do some research on Humira and see what some of the non common side effects are.  I just want it to work already!  I’m antsy and impatient! lol.

june16 012I don’t know if this has anything to do with my massage, but I pulled a big muscle in my neck, and my lower back area where she worked as well is in pain ALL OF THE TIME.  So I think until I can get myself more built up, I am going to hold off on getting anymore massages just in case!

jhv 001Next month, is my mom and Grams birthdays, and I now know what I want to get each of them.  I already have my sis’ for August, but my Grams moves then, so I’d like to get her a moving gifts, like a nice wreath or something for her front door.  Hard to find ones that aren’t seasonal though!

Alright, Zeus is beside me bathing, so I’m going to give him a brushing before he leaves me for a nap.



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