ashIMG_3242I have been saving two garbage bags full of clothes I had when I was super skinny.  They are great clothes and would still be worn if I could fit my fat ass in them, but alas that probably won’t ever happen again.  So I am going through the bags, taking photos, and making piles and sorting out the odd thing that should just be donated, and the rest I am going to try to sell off really cheap.

ashIMG_3240I am excited bc I was able to get a portable air conditioner from an old neighbor Kerry.  I got to meet her little baby Logan too, who is such a ham, and crawled right into my arms 🙂

ashIMG_3235So I’m sorting through all my crap in my closet, and making boxes of sellable items, and things I want to try to sell first, and then organizing the bit I want to keep, like seasonable items.  I love purging my stuff!  Weird I know, but it makes me feel better, and now I have waaay too much stuff.

Tomorrow is my Gram’s 85th birthday!  I got her, her present all wrapped, and going to go up to my sister’s so we can all have cake with her.

june30 040I’m now on week 5 of being on Humira, and still no change… I got an e-mail from Progress, the company who gives me the medicine, about how I am doing so far on it, and my symptoms are all worse… so hopefully by the time I see my GI at the beginning of August, there will be more of an improvement.  Otherwise I have to go on Remicade where I have to go to the hospital to get it, and if that doesn’t work… then I have to go on trial medications… which is scary, and means I have to go to Kingston again.  BOO.  Just trying to stay positive about it, and not think too much about the possible future.

Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day.  I just relaxed all day, and I enjoyed it 🙂



PS The first three photos in this post were taken from my friend Nicole.  She always takes wonderful pet photos for me 🙂


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