I Think Possibly It’s Working…

june30 039I got my 6 week Humira shot on Thursday.  I talked to my counselor Susan about my worries with it not working yet.  If anything, my Crohn’s was getting significantly worse.  Which sucks too bc Humira is a lot easier to do when you can just give it to yourself at home.  Knock on wood, since my last shot, well yesterday, it seems I feel like I am feeling a little better.  I am hoping it just keeps getting better from here on out.

On Wed. afternoon, Nikki and I went to the OSPCA Belleville branch.  We got to cuddle with cats and dogs.  It was fun, and much needed.

She dropped me off at my mom’s later that afternoon to have dinner bc my aunt Kelly is down visiting from Toronto.  I was so groggy, but even though it probably didn’t look like it, I had a good time lol.

Friday, I went out with my peer worker Holly and then Amanda, Nick, aunt Kelly and I went to Giant Tiger and went shopping.  I wasn’t feeling well enough to try a lot on, but I ended up getting two shirts.  I would like to get some shorts though.  Then Amanda, Nick and I, went to the Salvation Army, and I found the book, The Help for .50 cents.

Today I stayed home.  I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done, but I wasn’t really expecting to.  I got the Beta and the 35 gal. tanks clean… and brushed all the girls.  Even fell asleep with Stella napping on my chest lol.  I was sooo tired!  Made a mini spinach lasagna for dinner.

Next weekend is my youngest niece; Caryn’s, baby shower.  I need to get some wrapping paper for her gifts and a bow.

This Wednesday is mom’s 60th birthday too.  I had 3 other mini gifts to give her with her main one, but I don’t think they will be shipped in time.

Thursday is blood work day, and next Monday, I go to the dentist for my cleaning.  Hoping to go to the dog park with Nikki, and maybe go back to Giant Tiger with her.

Talk soon!


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