Keeps Fighting Me

july2514 001Caryn’s shower was nice 🙂  I had a good time, and won some wall sconces to boot lol.  She looks good, and looks like the baby wants to come, possibly a little earlier!  She got lots of nice stuff, and usable things too.  Also got to see her mom Stacy whom I adore, Lois (my step mom) and Caryn’s older sister Jess and my great nephew Jase.  Nick came with us and had a good time too.

I went to get my blood work last week.  I was thinking, now that the Humira is doing it’s thing (not quickly enough though!)  that I should get the blood work done, so that when I went to my G.I. at the beginning of August, then he could see how my inflammation was reacting to it… I get there, and whomever made my card for the blood work clinic, they wrote a bunch of stuff that didn’t make sense to the girls working, and wrote the wrong date on it.  In the end, it had literally just ran out, so I couldn’t get it done.  Grrrr.

july20 001I had mom and grams over for dinner yesterday.  They wanted home made mac and cheese and tortilla pinwheels lol.  It was not quite what I would have chosen to cook, but it worked.

On mom’s birthday only one part out of four gifts I had gotten her, had come in.  Now three out of the four have, so I gave her it wrapped last night when they were here.

july20 005This coming week, I go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, and my only goal is to get into the shower between now and then… and do my laundry (boo)

I feel like I’m living the whole saying of, “One step forward, two steps back.”  I am fighting sooo ungodly hard to get things (normal daily things) done, and I am still far behind.  I’m just so tired of not being able to do things!

Gave myself my Humira needle today.  First time on my own, without anyone wanting to be there, and it went just fine.  I’m just tired from it.

Talk soon!



2 thoughts on “Keeps Fighting Me

  1. I used to blog a while back but have stopped, read your blog regularly have pots too. glad the new med is working, even slowly.

    understand the tiredness. when you have things you want to do and just cant do them. I pace, its still frustrating when even the nice things in life you have to plan. em x


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