No Humira!

dad's yardsale 001I was supposed to take my Humira today, but I caught a nasty chest cold and can’t risk it making me sicker until I hopefully get a hold of my G. I. tomorrow.  So frustrating when I am trying to get better!  Thankfully the cold didn’t end up being bronchitis where I need an antibiotic, just viral, but my God this thing is fighting me like crazy!  Just pumping the inhaler and Advil to me until it gets better.  

Amanda had her birthday on Friday.  She liked her gift I got her (framed Charlie Hunnam photo from his younger yrs).  We had a yummy yummy dinner at their place.  I’ve been craving Carrie’s potato salad ever since!

My youngest niece finally had Carter my beautiful, perfect great nephew 🙂  Amanda and mom got to meet him, but unfortunately I haven’t yet since I was getting tests done they day she had him, and since I have been sick.  I can’t wait to cuddle and smooch him!!!

dad's yardsale 002My friend Nicole and her man Adam came over to visit.  She’s an amazing artist.  During the time we’ve gotten to become closer friends (used to go to high school together)  she’s finished two paintings.  She brought me prints of them which are AMAZING!  I can’t wait to find the perfect frame for them to hang them up!

Also while they were here, we discovered my apple snails she got me had laid eggs!  The best website for info. on apple snails NEVER seems to load, but I finally found out today that it takes 2-5 weeks for the eggs to hatch.  That was on the 12th… so not quite two weeks yet.  I’m soooo excited! lol.  

Okay going to go take my inhaler again so I can stop breaking my ribs from coughing so much!  


PS  Zeus has either been an absolute DICK during my time sick, chasing me screaming, or a little cuddly handsome staying close, but not right on me.  I just feel bad for the guinea pigs bc I don’t want to get them sick, so I’m only able to coo at them and not handle them unless cleaning them up. BOO 😦  Miss my furry girl’s cuddles!)


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