Apple Snail Eggs GALORE!

augsblog 005I was able to take my Humira Friday, so thankfully just a day late.  I still have a cough, but finally feel like I am getting better.

Went with Holly today and got my groceries.  FOOD>>>YAY!

Right after she dropped me off, my mom and Grams picked me up.  Went to find this certain gift I want to get for Nick and the damn store was out of the color I needed!  Hopefully they will get more in!

We also went to the pet store.  I was peeking at my apple snail eggs when I got home and noticed up on the hood of the aquarium there were two more batches!  So I took the lid right off just now and boy was I wrong.  There are at least 5 other batches besides the two new ones and the one I already had!  Good thing I got some more blood worms from the pet store!

augsblog 016I also got a really cute couple of things, to harass the guinea pigs with lol.

My mom’s dog Niles has been staying with me a lot lately.  Normally he brings Zeus his cat toys to play and Zeus gives him the look of death, the Niles tries to sniff his bum and Zeus meows and runs away.  Now he cries for Niles at the window when we go out to take him for a pee.  I even caught them sleeping together!  Niles lives with my mom’s two cats August and Addy, and they are NOT afraid of him, and will give him a good swat if he tries to play with them, but now I think he realizes and Zeus, that they won’t hurt each other, Zeus just doesn’t play… he naps like an old cat lol.

augsblog 014I borrowed a book from Adam, when him and Nicole were visiting last, Flowers for Algernon.  My mom said she read it yrs ago, and had seen the movie.  Not too sure what I think of it yet.  It does seem to be getting better.  Basically you’re seeing things from Charlie (the lead character)’s point of view through his progress reports.  He undergoes an operation to make him very smart, after the initial trial was ran on a lab rat named Algernon… so  it’s an interesting idea for a book.  Might try to find the movie when I’m done to watch.

Now that I’m home, I am just waiting for my medicine to be delivered, and getting the girl’s cages, and Zeus’ litter box all dumped and cleaned.  Tomorrow I want to work on the aquarium, since it will be close to that time anyway.  The water receded just enough to drive me nuts and have me convinced that the tank is constantly leaking lol.

Okay, talk soon!



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