YAY Rain!

augsblog 017Ever see that show about dating on Slice… it basically (at least the episode I saw) had two men and showed them dating women off the net.  The first guy is your typical good looking guy (not my type but I see where others would find him hot) and a nerdy guy with a son.  The first guy “tests” his dates by saying really weird, creepy things to see how they react.  He is sooo full of himself, that he said he thinks there is something wrong with the girl if she isn’t attracted to him!  Seriously????  He reminded me of Christian Bale as that psycho!  I wouldn’t want to be left alone in a room with that guy!

aug14 006Since I took my Humira during my cold, and just took my next shot this past Thursday, I am having Gallbladder attacks again!  Not as horrible as it has been in the past, but my God what the (*^*^^*???  My GI was hoping that as long as my Crohn’s was settled, that my attacks would as well, so now that I am getting medicine I get them again?  My counselor did make a good point though, about why he may not want me to get the surgery unless absolutely necessary… My immune system is crap, and that would make me a big risk for infection, and hospital infections after the surgery.  I never even thought of that!

Yesterday broke records humidity wise and was supposed to be the hottest day so far of the year.  It was thunder and lightning for quite a while before the wind picked up and it finally rained, but didn’t seem to be really anything like it was supposed to.  At least it’s cooled down now.

Nicole and Adam are coming over in a bit.  Can’t wait to see them!

Talk soon!


PS  Sad to hear about Joan Rivers 😦  I know she was 81 (but to me that isn’t old) and she was doing so well and so spry!  Definitely a shock!


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